Pro Gun Bills on the Move in Montana

Pro Gun Bills on the Move in Montana

Montana Shooting Sports Association
Montana Shooting Sports Association

Helena, NT – -( Several bills of MSSA’s 20-bill legislative agenda have been introduced, including MSSA’s flagship bill, Sheriffs First.

These bills have been assigned to committees, although no public hearing dates have been scheduled yet. These include (grouped by committee assignment):

To Senate Judiciary Committee:

  • SB (Senate Bill) 114 – “Sheriff must authorize federal employee arrest, search, or seizure” MSSA calls this “Sheriffs First”
  • SB 150 – “Provide for protection of rights through actions against public officials” MSSA calls this “Constitutional rights protection”

To Senate Fish and Game Committee:

  • SB 136 – “Revise residency requirements for hunting” MSSA calls this “Born in Montana to hunt”

To House Fish, Wildlife and Parks Committee:

  • HB (House Bill) 148 – “Allow motorized access to public lands for game retrieval “
  • HB 159 – “Restrict authority of FWP to regulate ammo or firearms for hunting”
  • HB 177 – “Provide for monitoring of wolf diseases”

To House Judiciary Committee:

  • HB 174 – “Repeal prohibition on firearm sound reduction devices in field”
  • HB 201 – “Allow employees to keep firearms in vehicle in workplace parking lot”

We will try to get committee chairmen to “bundle” our bills – to schedule public hearings on multiple bills we have before one committee all on one day. This should make it more rewarding for you to get to Helena to seek legislative support for these bills.

I WILL get notice out to you when any MSSA-supported bills are scheduled for public hearings before a legislative committee. You should get between two days and ten days notice of these hearings.

MSSA’s entire legislative lineup is HERE. Your guide to the legislative process and influencing legislation is HERE .

Stay tuned …

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Gary Marbut, president
Montana Shooting Sports Association
author, Gun Laws of Montana

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