Shotgunlife.Com Exceeds 400,000 Online Visits In 2010

ShotGunLife.Com Exceeds 400,000 Online Visits In 2010
Dramatically Extending Advertisers’ Reach To Affluent Wing And Clays Shooters.

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Shotgunlife.Com Exceeds 400,000 Online Visits In 2010
Shotgun Life
Shotgun Life

Pikesville, Maryland –-( Shotgun Life, the first online magazine dedicated to the best in wing and clays shooting, registered more than 400,000 visits in 2010, establishing dramatic growth in its second year of operation.

With a grand total of 429,689 visits last year, Shotgun Life has proven that an easy-to-navigate format coupled with engaging stories is the best approach for advertisers to optimize their Internet marketing programs.

“Our business model continues to show strength by providing fresh editorial in a simple format, free of charge to our readers,” said Publisher, Irwin Greenstein.

“This straightforward proposition rewards advertisers with ongoing contact to affluent wing and clays shooters.”

The growth validates Shotgun Life’s business model of combining an online magazine capable of immediate editorial reporting with direct-response marketing through free e-letters distributed six times per week.

The e-letter “60 Seconds With…” delivers clays-shooting tips from acclaimed instructors Monday through Friday.

In November 2010, Shotgun Life launched another e-letter called “Shotguns for Sale” that is distributed on Sundays. It lists shotguns for sale on the dealer web sites of advertisers – linking shotgun owners directly with authorized dealers. “Shotguns for Sale” is an enormous success, averaging some 700 visits per week.

Both e-letters feature advertisements to expand outreach beyond the banner ads on Shotgun Life. Overall, Shotgun Life was viewed by more than 35,000 readers per month during 2010.

With unique, new visits tracking at approximately 74 percent, Shotgun Life expects to continue its aggressive growth through 2011. Shotgun Life also actively markets editorial on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, blogs and forums to augment its superior search engine technology.

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