Bill Could Revolutionize South Carolina Gun Rights But Needs Your Help

Bill Could Revolutionize South Carolina Gun Rights But Needs Your Help

GrassRoots South Carolina
GrassRoots South Carolina

South Carolina –-( H. 3292 – if amended as GrassRoots proposes – could be the most important pro gun bill this legislative session!

H. 3292 could – if properly amended – resolve many gun rights issues in just one bill.

Gun owners can – and should – push hard to get H. 3292 amended, and then enacted into law. Why fight many small wars when we could – and can – get it all with one big war.

After you read the GrassRoots analysis of H. 3292, you will understand just how important H. 3292 is to you, if it is properly amended.

Go below to read the “GrassRoots GunRights Analysis of H. 3292 with Proposed Amendments” posted on our website. Yes, it is long and detailed. But, something as important as how H. 3292 could impact your gun rights needs to be accurate and thorough. Unless you understand exactly what H. 3292 does and does not do, you can not know just how important it is that H. 3292 be amended as GrassRoots proposes, and then enacted into law. Anything less thorough would require you to have faith in, but not knowledge of, what is truly contained in H. 3292.

After you read the GrassRoots analysis of H. 3292, you will understand how important it is for you – and everyone else you can enlist to join us – to print out and mail in those post cards without delay. Click here to read why postcards are so important.

H. 3292 could come before the House General Laws subcommittee as early as Thursday, Feb 17. We – you, me, and everyone else we can get to join us – must start doing all we can to get H. 3292 amended and enacted into law.

It is time to use the card stock and stamps GrassRoots recently asked you to purchase to get your voice heard in support of H. 3292! If you have not yet purchased the card stock and postage, please do so quickly. We have heard that some stores have sold out of the orange card stock. If you can not get orange, then get whatever color you can get. It is more important that you send the postcards now rather than miss out because you could not find orange. See Action Steps below.

It is time to make phone calls to our elected representatives in support of H. 3292!

It is time to send emails to our elected representatives in support of H. 3292!

GrassRoots has created a document with eight post cards addressed to the five members of the House General Laws subcommittee and to the three principal sponsors of H. 3292.


  1. Download and print out the post cards. Click here to download the post card file. (Click here if you need instructions for printing the post cards.)
  2. Cut the card stock into four post cards.
  3. Sign the bottom of the message side of each post card.
  4. Write your return address in the upper left corner of the address side of each card.
  5. Put at least a 28 cent stamp on each post card and mail them.
  6. CALL and email each member of the House General Laws subcommittee and tell them “GrassRoots GunRights Speaks for Me!” Then, call the three principal sponsors of H. 3292 and tell them the same thing.

Members of the SC House General Laws Subcommittee:

Rep. Thad Viers
(803) 734-3064
[email protected]

Rep. Dan Hamilton
(803) 212-6795
[email protected]

Rep. George Hearn
(803) 212-6796
[email protected]

Rep. Laurie Funderburk
(803) 734-3044
[email protected]

Rep.David Weeks
(803) 734-3102
[email protected]

The three principal sponsors of H. 3292:

Rep. Mike Pitts
(803) 734-2830
[email protected]

Rep. Dan Cooper
(803) 734-3144
[email protected]

Rep. Greg Delleney
(803) 734-3074
[email protected]

If you are unable to reach any of these Representatives at their individual office numbers listed above, call the House Judiciary Committee (803) 734-3120 and ask to be transferred.

Once you have done this, you should also send post cards to every House member in the county in which you live. GrassRoots has created a separate document for each county with post cards for each House member. Click here and download the post cards for your county House members and follow the same Action Steps as 1 through 5 above. Give any extra postcards to your friends and neighbors to send in.

The politicians MUST hear what good, law-abiding gun owners like YOU think about H. 3292, and they need to hear it NOW!

Gun owners have the power to win. The question is whether gun owners have the will to win. If gun owners work together and follow the Action Steps above, we can get H. 3292 amended and enacted into law.

Grass Roots GunRights Analysis of H3292 With Proposed Amendments

Thank you for taking immediate action on this very important gun rights issue!

Bill Rentiers
Executive Officer
GrassRoots GunRights of SC

The mission of GrassRoots is to educate and promote acceptance of responsible firearms ownership within the State of South Carolina and to protect the rights of law abiding citizens with regard to firearms ownership. Initially we focused all of our attention on merchants who posted against the lawful carrying of concealed weapons in their stores. Since then we have broadened our scope and are currently increasing information delivery to all firearms owners, SC concealed weapons permit holders, and firearms instructors. As GrassRoots continues to grow we will further broaden our objectives to improve all aspects of lawful ownership and carrying of firearms in South Carolina. Visit:

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