Winchester Introduces Varmint 17 HMR Lead-Free Bullet

Winchester Introduces Varmint 17 HMR Lead-Free Bullet

Winchester Varmint 17 HMR Lead-Free Bullet
Winchester Varmint 17 HMR Lead-Free Bullet
Winchester Ammunition
Winchester Ammunition

East Alton, IL – -( Winchester Ammunition takes varmint hunting to a new level in 2011 by adding 17HMR to the Varmint Lead-Free ammunition hunting lineup.

This new lead-free load by Winchester Ammunition features a 15.5 grain bullet designed with a Polymer Tip for ultra-flat trajectories and delivers a blistering 2550 fps velocity.

The Varmint LF uses a non-corrosive primer and clean burning powder to generate a sure-fire ignition every time.

“The NTX Polymer Tip technology assures highly accurate, flat shooting bullets at all ranges,” said Brett Flaugher, vice president of sales and marketing for Winchester Ammunition.

“ We work hard to offer the most innovative rimfire ammunition, and our offerings continue to expand for small game hunters and shooters.”

The new Varmint LF Bullet features:

  • Velocity: 2550
  • Grains: 15.5
  • Bullet Type: Lead Free NTX polymer tip jacketed hollow point
  • Cartridge: 17HMR
  • Availability: 2011

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Free Winchester Ammunition Ballistics Calculator Available on the iPhone
iPhone users can now download the Winchester Ammunition award-winning Ballistics Calculator for free. Winchester has taken all of the features and functionality from its Web site version of the Ballistics Calculator and developed a user-friendly interface for the iPhone.

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