Gun Owners of America Endorses Steve Daines for Congress

Gun Owners of America Endorses Steve Daines for Congress

Gun Owners of America
Gun Owners of America

Washington, DC –-( Gun Owners of America is proud to endorse Steve Daines for Congress. He is running for the seat being left open by Montana Rep. Denny Rehberg, who is challenging Jon Tester for U.S. Senate.

A successful Montana businessman, Steve is not a career politician — but he is just the kind of principled, pro-Second Amendment person we need in Washington.

Daines earned an “A” rating from GOA because he opposes any new gun control laws and will work to roll back unconstitutional gun laws already on the books. He believes, with the Founding Fathers, that the Second Amendment is a safeguard of freedom and liberty.

Getting Steve elected is Gun Owners of America’s number one priority for 2012.

Why? Because Steve Daines will be more than just a reliable vote. There are many good pro-gun votes in the Congress, but WE NEED LEADERS!

Daines for congress
Gun Owners of America Endorses Steve Daines for Congress

A husband, father and a hunter, Steve is a leader in his community and a leader in the State of Montana who will serve our nation well in the United States Congress. He understands that politicians in Washington and government bureaucrats seek control of every aspect of our lives, including our ability to protect ourselves and our families. Steve will be more than a good vote for the Second Amendment — he will also fight against unconstitutional federal intrusions into personal liberties.

The radical left in America does not want leaders like Steve Daines in Congress. They will target him as they do every candidate who believes in the Constitution and personal freedom.

Steve Daines needs our help!

GOA encourages all gun owners and sportsmen to stand with Steve Daines for Congress. Please visit to contribute to Daines for Congress.


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