GOA Activists Help Rand Paul Put Harry Reid on the Defensive

Reid derails appropriations process in order to avoid gun vote.

Harry Reid Off With Their Heads
GOA Activists Help Rand Paul Put Harry Reid on the Defensive
Gun Owners of America
Gun Owners of America

Washington, DC –-(Ammoland.com)- If there is any doubt about the hatred that Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats hold for the Second Amendment, that hatred was made apparent last week.

To review the bidding: The Senate was slated, last week, to consider amendments to the giant appropriations bill funding the Justice and Commerce Departments.

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) had submitted an amendment to prohibit Attorney General Eric Holder from continuing Operation Choke Point — a program designed to shut down gun stores by forcing banks to dry up their credit and to stop processing their credit card purchases.

You will remember that Gun Owners of America alerted you to the Paul amendment and urged you to take action in support of it.  And, wow, did your efforts make an impact!

GOA is very grateful to the thousands upon thousands of you who took action on that alert, urging Senators to support the Operation Choke Point amendment.

It got Harry Reid’s attention!

Faced with a tough vote for Democrats running for reelection in pro-gun states, Reid just pulled the bill from the floor. This means that the appropriations process will probably grind to a halt, and the government will, once again, be funded by a gigantic “continuing resolution” passed in September.

And, once again, the slimy Reid will blame Senate Republicans for his own actions in pulling the bill.

At this point, we are encouraging Senator Paul to add his Operation Choke Point defunder to every bill that comes to the Senate floor. If Democrats are unwilling to let Senators vote on the anti-gun actions of the lawless Obama administration, then Reid should not be able to pepper the floor with a succession of reelection ploys between now and November.

ACTION: Contact your Senators and insist that they support Paul’s amendment to shut down Operation Choke Point.


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It’s a good thing that Rand Paul is doing what he is doing. But it may be a bit too little too late. What is the most important domestic issue that voters need to use to vet a presidential candidate? I keep saying all along – IT’S THE JUDGES – IT’S THE JUDGES…! The establishment republicans sold us out years ago by NOT opposing Obama’s two Supreme Court nominees – Kagen and Sotomayor. Lindsay Graham was the most opulent – sucking up to them, and not launching the same tactics that the Dem’s used against Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas… Read more »


Haven’t you been listening?
There are no “law abiding gun owners” in the USA, you’re all a bunch of Domestic Terrorists.
Now be quiet and let me eat my waffle in peace.


It is clearly apparent that Dems are the enemy of the law abiding gun owners of the US. Vote them all out as much as possible. I think it’s Harry’s time for reelection this time, so let’s give him a good farewell.