Rand Paul Offers Amendment to Stop Eric Holder’s Operation Choke Point

Operation Choke Point
Operation Choke Point
Gun Owners of America
Gun Owners of America

Washington, DC –-(Ammoland.com)- Excellent news!

A few weeks ago, we told you about “Operation Choke Point” — an effort by Attorney General Eric Holder to put gun stores out of business.

Basically, it works like this: The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), at the behest of Barack Obama, has declared that gun stores are “high risk” businesses. “High risk” businesses have been, up until now, a small category of supposedly disreputable businesses, which have included pornographers, sellers of drug paraphernalia, and payday lenders.

The second step in the process is Eric Holder’s Justice Department’s “Operation Choke Point.” And its function is specifically to choke off any credit or credit card processing for businesses (now including gun dealers) who fall in the “high risk” category.

Already, scores of gun dealers have complained that their banks have cut their credit or otherwise put pressure on them. Three articles detailing this effort to shut down gun dealers may be found here, here and here.

The good news is this: Senator Rand Paul has just filed an amendment to the Science Justice Commerce Appropriations bill which will cut off Obama’s efforts to shut down gun stores by drying up their credit.

The Paul language is Amendment 3292 to H.R. 4660.

The appropriations bill is currently on the floor, but we expect the Paul amendment to be considered Friday or Tuesday. If adopted, the Obama administration would be barred from attempting to cut off credit to guns stores – just because they sell guns.

ACTION: Contact your Senators. Demand that they vote for the Paul amendment.

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  • 17 thoughts on “Rand Paul Offers Amendment to Stop Eric Holder’s Operation Choke Point

    1. Yet Holder allows illegal CO drug dealers to bank now. He selectively enforces the law as he sees fit. He should be removed from office for failure to enforce drug laws of this country and then trying to ban legal businesses.
      How about stopping those involved in the stinger missiles in to Qatar now in Taliban hands? They have recovered a serial number from a 2011 sale to Qatar. Wheres the backround check and straw purchase now. Aiding terrorists , treason , giving back terrorists.

    2. I had understood that CHOKE POINT had been unfunded earlier by congress budgetary move. Did I misunderstand? Or was it wishful thinking on my part? This guy is as evil as Janet Reno was under Clinton. How do we stop this as soon as Obama is out of office?

    3. Erik the Red and Obamalinski will go to any length or means to confiscate guns from the citizens. To continue their next big step of the Resolution of the Radical Left they must first disarm all Americans. (They have already confiscated live Ammunition from many National Guard Units.)
      The big step in their Resolution states:
      In time, confiscate private property, private industry, private capital and private income and make it the property of the Elected Assembly of State.
      This resolution was accepted and passed in 1969.
      What you see happening now is the culmination of that Resolution plus the commitment of Solidarity in the with Their Islamic Jihad Brothers.
      This was learned from an old friend who was present in their leadership Council.

    4. Stop with these little meaningless ineffective bills and totally defund Obama and Holder until such time as they fully comply with OUR CONSTITUTION!! You’re killing us.

    5. To Senators Baldwin and Johnson

      I have questions about AG Eric Holder’s “Operation Choke Point” policy to restrict banking services to federally licensed firearms dealers. First, to receive a license to sell firearms and ammo a dealer must complete an application and extensive background check. They are also required to maintain detailed records for their business. If a dealer can pass federal requirements then it seems to me that they should be able to be capable of managing their banking relationships.

      And on another point, will these regulations apply to all gun and ammo dealers equally. It seems to me that we are all guaranteed equal rights under the law. Will Walmart, Gander Mountain, Cabellas, Mills Fleet Farm, Bass Pro Shops, Scheels, Dick’s Sporting Goods among others that sell guns along with other sporting goods and other merchandise be subject to cancellation of their credit card processing services and other banking services?

      It’s certainly not fair to small firearm dealers like Precision Sports and John’s Sports both in Oshkosh and Recobs target shop and shooting supplies in Prairie du Sac to loose their ability to do business with their banks. They are at a disadvantage as it is when it comes to competing with the larger stores.

      If the government is going to shutdown credit card processing for gun and ammo dealers then it needs to shut it down for ALL dealers or make it available for all dealers unless there is clear proof of financial improprieties with their banking relationships. That’s a determination to be made by their banks and card processing companies based on the bank’s historical experience with their banking customers.

    6. A little known Backdoor attempt to hinder the rights of owners was Mr. Obama’s ordering the EPA to close all (ALL) of the lead smelting plants in America. That’s why the Government was buying up all the available Ammo. Doncha know!

    7. When Holder or Obama opens their mouth their teeth should be smashed out with a piece of lead pipe.maybe a little behavioral therapy would cut down on the lies and the Islam support.

    8. Well then it looks like it is going to be a cash business and the government can go to hell! The only reason the Government does not like it because they cannot stand the competition, just look at fast and furious, did they do a background check on these clowns. It is getting to the point it is time to abandon this corrupt government throw them all in jail and take back control of it and put it back on the people and not just a select corrupt few.

    9. Why and How are these people still in office?? How can a government official go into and put holds on LEGITIMATE BUSINESSES BANK ACCOUNTS… IT IS INCREDIBLE, the gaul and arrogance of this ‘administration… and YET the GOP AND NOT ONE of the Democratic Representatives… CALLS THEM OUT? (only drawing ATTENTION to how far we have gone down the path to an out of control TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT!!

    10. Please defend the Second Amendment rights of gun owners. Firearms ownership is a freedom issue. WE have to be able to defend our self and family in this world gone so sinful , it is necessary , we have no other option.

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