Shooting Skills and Peripheral Vision

Shooting Skills and Peripheral Vision


EPPING, NH –-( All of us have peripheral vision (unless we have some abnormal eye deficiency) however few of us cultivate its use.

Our movement through out the world we live in requires that we use our peripheral vision unconsciously to keep from tripping over objects in our path or bumping into things to our side or over our head.

Generally speaking, if we look directly in front of us our central vision is on a specific object which holds our interest. Our eye is taking in information at angles from 50 degrees to over 90 degrees away from our visual point of interest that we mostly ignore at a conscious level. Sub consciously we process all of the information to allow us to keep from stumbling (literally) through life as we live from day to day.

What this means to a shooter and tactician is that if we cultivate a peripheral awareness of our world around us we will become aware of a whole different dimension of our surroundings. Dangers that we might have missed previously will be easily recognized and our skill at hitting targets not directly in our line of sight will become a reality rather than a wish.

Start cultivating your peripheral vision as you read this by simply looking straight at the text in front of you but being aware of the colors, shapes and recognizable objects that surround it as much as 180 degrees left and right. Without looking away from the screen, point at an object to one side or the other, then look at the object. Notice that you are pointing directly at it.

Do you think that you could point a pistol and hit a target using your peripheral vision?

Come see us at the Academy and find out!

Simple Is Good!

George Harris
Director of Training

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