VA Attorney General Rules On Lawful Carry Of Handguns In Church

VA Attorney General Rules On Lawful Carry Of Handguns In Church

Virginia Citizens Defense League
Virginia Citizens Defense League

Covington VA –-( Good news! Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has formally ruled that self-defense is considered “good and sufficient reason” for the lawful carry of handguns into a church during a service!

(Good and sufficient reason isn’t needed at other times.)

The ruling also stated that churches, as private property, can ban or restrict such carry (which is consistent with Virginia law and would make for a trespass charge if violated).

This is excellent news also for the various preachers and pastors who have asked me about this issue.

Here is the ruling:

NOTE: This is an Attorney General’s opinion. It carries a lot of weight, but is not law and is NOT a GUARANTEE that a judge will agree. In PRACTICE, however, this should pretty much settle the matter, especially if the General Assembly doesn’t overturn it with a change to the law next year (there is about a zero chance of that happening).

VCDL would like to thank Delegate Mark Cole (Spotsylvania) for putting in the request on our behalf and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli for a well-reasoned ruling.

Virgina AG Rulling on Church Self Defense Gun Law

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