CCI Ammunition Introduces New Tactical .22 LR Load for AR-Style Rifles

CCI Ammunition Introduces New Tactical .22 Long Rifle Load for AR-Style Rifles

CCI Tactical .22 LR AR Rifle Ammunition
CCI Tactical .22 LR AR Rifle Ammunition
CCI Ammunition

LEWISTON, Idaho. –-( CCI now offers a load specifically for AR-style rifles—new .22 Long Rifle AR-Tactical.

Shooters can find these accurate and affordable bullets on store shelves now.

Consistent Performance
These new rounds are built to CCI’s high standards. AR-Tactical bullets offer excellent accuracy––including 1.5 inches at 100 yards for 10-shot groups in factory testing. Testing also was conducted specifically for common law enforcement and military Smith & Wesson M&P 15/22 firearms. This testing confirmed the performance that tactical users require.

Optimized Design
A CCI case, primer and bullet lube combine with clean-burning powder to provide tactical-grade performance. The 40-grain rounds are a target bullet with a copper-plated round nose (CPRN) for smooth feeding. Tactical shooters can blast through an entire magazine without worrying of a glitch in feeding or on-target performance. A speed of 1200 fps allows for excellent accuracy with low recoil.

“These new .22 Long Rifle AR-Tactical rounds are a great value to all shooters,” said Brand Director Rick Stoeckel. “Our rigorous testing came back with impressive results, showing that these guns like a heavier bullet with a relatively low muzzle velocity. Now we are ready to meet the rising demand of AR-style shooters.”

AR-Tactical is available in 375-count loose packed, re-closeable boxes. To learn more about the new rounds and the entire CCI lineup, visit

Part No. Description

  • 0953
  • .22 Long Rifle
  • 40-grain
  • CPRN AR Tactical
  • 1200 fps

About CCI
Dick Speer founded Cascade Cartridge, Inc. in 1951 next to the Snake River in Lewiston, Idaho. The company manufactured and marketed centerfire primers for government use in its infancy. CCI now develops them for sporting applications as part of ATK Security and Sporting and is the world leader in rimfire products. The company also produces shotshells, industrial powerloads and Blazer centerfire handgun ammunition. For more information, visit

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Dough there may be no Link because it’s probably not in stock, anywhere.

Doug Keesee

Why isn't there a link to purchase this new 22 long AR 40-grain ammunition!!!!!!!!