Heeding God’s Call Pledges Half Hearted Attempt To Protest Realco Guns

Heeding God’s Call Pledges Half Hearted Attempt To Protest Realco Guns Every Monday

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Maryland Shall Issue
Maryland Shall Issue

Maryland ––(Ammoland.com)- As you’ll recall, Heeding God’s Call, the anti-gun organization of “faith leaders” based in Philadelphia, attempted to organize several protests of Clyde’s Sports Shop back during the winter.

They finally were able to put together a half-hearted event on December 11th that turned into one of the biggest business days for Clyde’s when gun owners and other long-time customers came out to support the shop on their “customer appreciation day.”

Since Heeding God’s Call got no traction from their failed attempt to attack Clyde’s, they’ve taken their show to Prince George’s County to protest retailer Realco Guns.

Long time readers will recall that way back in 2007, Jesse Jackson and the Rainbow PUSH staged a high profile protest at Realco that was amply countered by MSI and other pro-gun groups from both Maryland and Virginia.

Now, Heeding God’s Call is picking up where Jackson’s group left off by promising to protest at Realco every Monday as they did this past Monday, June 6th.

Misplaced Angst?
We wonder if the angst from protest-group Heeding God’s Call over lawful gun sales in Prince George’s County would be better aimed at the headquarters of BATFE. This tiny gun control group – best known for tugging at the tired coat-tails of Jesse Jackson’s failed gun control movement – is upset that a lawful Maryland dealer…legally sells guns.

Despite any evidence – at all – that Realco Arms is performing illegal transfer of firearms to prohibited persons, the group intends to protest this dealer weekly. The group claims that Realco allows highly illegal so-called “straw sales” of arms to criminals, yet provides no evidence to back their claims.

We here at MSI think straw sales are a serious matter. If Heeding God’s Call – or anyone – has evidence that any group is knowingly allowing straw sales, we encourage them to immediately report it to law enforcement.

Forget color coordinated protest signs – make a difference and call the Maryland State Police Straw Buyers Hotline at 1-888-637-7274. Today.

Of course, we do not expect that phone to ring anytime soon. It’s much easier to make up numbers, shout out accusations and make noise than it is to go after the criminals and true purveyors of crime in our society.

Which leads us to a suggestion for the good people of Heeding God’s Call: start asking tough questions of the Department of Justice and the ATF, who we now learn have knowingly allowed and assisted in the illegal sales of pistols and rifles to Mexican Drug Cartels. Recent congressional testimony, ATF agent admissions and whistleblowers have all provided evidence of an operation managed from the ATF and DoJ to give guns to drug cartels – all “to see where they end up.”

So where did the ATF guns end up?

Some of those guns have been found at the scene of a dead us Law Enforcement Officer in the United States, and just this week we hear claims others were used in a battle that disabled a military helicopter in Mexico. ATF insiders claim thoudsands of guns were transferred to the cartels and that hundreds of people may have been killed by them.

We understand that Heeding God’s Call may not have heard this news, because with the exception of CBS News, the Mexican press and a few other US news outlets, few dare question the Department of Justice on this matter. But we will, Congress will, and so too will millions of Americans when they hear the details of the international and national laws broken by our government all to “see where the guns end up.”

As if there was any question of how the cartels would use thousands of illegal guns…

If Heeding God’s Call wishes to take on a source of mass illegal straw sales of dangerous arms to dangerous people, they need look no further than the ATF. If they want to make a real difference, then they should shine light on the darkness of “Project GunRunner” and it’s “Fast and Furious” operation that knowingly deilvered arms to the cartels. If Heeding God’s Call wishes to take on the DoJ, they will also have a partner in MSI.

Until then, though…it’s just a lot of shouting into the wind.”

Vist, support and shop Realco Guns at www.realcoguns.com

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Mission Statement: Maryland Shall Issue is an all volunteer, non-partisan effort dedicated to the preservation and advancement of all gunowners’ rights in Maryland, with a primary goal of CCW reform to allow all law-abiding citizens the right to carry a concealed weapon; and to the education of the community to the awareness that ‘shall issue’ laws have, in all cases, resulted in decreased rates of violent crime.

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Ace Hole

@Heeding Gods Call – FYI you can't call yourself an organization when you only have 10 old ladies as members…duh