Leader of Brady Group Gloats About Coming Gun Ban ‘Proposals’

Leader of Brady Group Gloats About Coming Gun Ban “Proposals”


PHOENIX, AZ –-(Ammoland.com)- Paul Helmke, ringleader of the aggressive Brady Anti-Gun gang, released this statement about the “bipartisan” gun-control meeting the White House scheduled.

(Note: The “White House” is a building and can’t do anything; the person responsible in that building remains unidentified but appears to be Steve Croley) The meeting only included people who want to ban guns, an indicator of the plans, according to unidentifiable experts.

“On Tuesday, I attended a meeting at the U.S. Department of Justice with representatives from the White House, the Vice-President’s office, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), the FBI, and others from the Obama Administration, along with leaders from the gun violence prevention movement, to discuss how to reach the goals outlined in the President’s statement. Officials from the Administration indicated that this was the first of what they hoped would be a series of discussions. They said they had not settled on, or excluded, any relevant proposals.

“I began the discussion by listing basic measures that the Brady Campaign, and others, felt could make a difference. The list included: a strong background check system, with good and complete records of dangerous and irresponsible people, applicable to all commercial gun sales; more tools for law enforcement to stop trafficking in illegal guns; increasing the number and type of military-style weapons, including “assault clips,” that should not be readily available to civilians, like machine-guns and fully automatic weapons. Administration officials then asked questions. My colleagues and I gave examples and arguments for legislative, administrative, and voluntary policies that could help reduce the bloodshed.

“The meeting lasted more than 90 minutes. Having this many Administration representatives spend this much time on this initial meeting signaled to me that the president is serious. He wants to do something meaningful about gun violence. After meeting with others, including law enforcement and “gun rights” groups [note: no such meetings are known to have been held], Obama’s representatives will be presenting specific proposals. We hope those will include all the “sound and effective steps” that the president called for in his statement.”

No word has leaked on what or how the anti-rights leaders will attempt to implement their programs. Rumors are swirling that every effort will be made to avoid going through Congress, since it is well recognized that the peoples’ representatives there will not tolerate rights denial programs. Avoiding Congress would be a travesty bordering on treason, but since it is just one of many such moves, objections might be slight, and arrests of the perpetrators seem unlikely.

One leading gun-rights advocate, who was not invited to the “open” discussions, opined, “A seat at the table would be good, but only if used to present reasonable ideas — gun curricula, self-defense protections, justice for civil-rights violators (just injecting civil rights into the lexicon would be good), gun-free zones vs. make-believe gun-free zones, the debilitating effects of hoplophobia and failure to recognize or treat the sufferers, and have the antis dismiss such common-sense measures; also a chance to stand against the anti-rights movement and cast them as such. I’m not sure which gun-rights leader is best suited to that. I’d love to have a crack at it, but I wasn’t invited.” An opportunity to do any of that was considered unlikely.

There are serious issues American gun owners want discussed, such as restoration of rights, national concealed-carry reciprocity, cracking down on states like New Jersey, New York and California that routinely violate gun owners rights, lifting the administration’s ban on importation of historic WWII-era rifles, reining in the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, especially the Phoenix office and its Fast and Furious and GunWalker operations, and the nomination of anti-gun rights Andrew Traver to head BATFE.

Plans to strip Americans of their guns, either in whole cloth or with a thousand cuts, are deep secrets at both the center of the U.S. government, and at the United Nations, which are known to be working in concert to attain those goals. We’ll be watching.

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