Why is Walker Harpooning Constitutional Carry

Why is Walker Harpooning Constitutional Carry?
Scott Walker – Friend of Gun Owners?

Wisconsin Gun Owners
Wisconsin Gun Owners

Wisconsin –-(Ammoland.com)- Remember the article a few weeks ago warning of Scott Walker and Jeff Fitzgerald conspiring to sell out your Constitutional rights?

So who are those in leadership that are scheming to kill Constitutional Carry?

Scott Walker and Jeff Fitzgerald.

You read that right: Scott Walker and Jeff Fitzgerald are trying to sell out your rights because they want to appease big government liberals so that you have to beg for permission from the government to carry your firearm.

They want to turn your rights into privileges that they can control.

Well this past week, Scott Walker made good on those intentions. Walker issued a statement Friday saying any bill that reaches his desk should include a permit and training. His spokesman stopped short of saying the Governor would veto anything less.

Why is Scott Walker so afraid of your right to protect yourself?

Permit carry is unacceptable to all gun owners. We do not want to beg the government and have our rights turned into privileges that will be taken away.

Now is the time to pass Constitutional Carry and Scott Walker is trying to stop us.

Our continued pressure has pushed Constitutional Carry farther than anyone expected it to go, but we are far from finished.

Permit Carry is a step in the wrong direction: government will have more control over your guns than ever before. If Permit Carry passes, what kind of restrictions will big government politicians pile on when they are in power?

Allowing permits and other restrictions on your guns will only lead to more restrictions on your gun rights.

Constitutional Carry is the only clear choice that restores the rights of the people and does not increase invasion of government into our personal lives.

Will you call Scott Walker right now and tell him how disappointed you are that he is turning his back on your rights?

Tell him to stand up for the Constitution and the rights of gun owners in Wisconsin. Tell him to come out in support of Constitutional Concealed Carry.

Call Scott Walker at (608) 266-1212.
Tell him that support of a bill that requires permits, training, or other fees is unacceptable and will be considered a failure to represent the will of the people and uphold the Constitution.

The Second Amendment says that we have the right to bear arms; it does not say only if it’s visible or only if you are hunting.

For too long the Wisconsin government has stripped you of your right to protect yourself. Enough is enough. Together we will demand the laws forbidding concealed carry be repealed and our rights returned.

You as a law-abiding citizen should not be punished for simply protecting yourself. Call Scott Walker right now at (608) 266-1212 and tell him what you think of his support of big government permit carry.

In Liberty,

Corey Graff
Executive Director

P.S. Why has Scott Walker chosen to fight for the rights of workers to be free from forced unionism but is turning his back on the rights of gun owners? Call Scott Walker right now at (608) 266-1212 and ask him.

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