FFLGuard Adds Industry NFA Gun Trust Lawyer David Goldman

FFLGuard Adds Industry NFA Gun Trust Lawyer David Goldman
Co-operative legal program continues to expand to meet the demands of the independent firearms retailer.


New York City, NY –-(Ammoland.com)- FFLGuard, a cooperative legal program offered to Federal Firearms Licensees by The Chiafullo Group, LLP (“the Group”), a law firm based in New Jersey, provides cost-effective and specialized legal counsel to independent gun retailers in the event of a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco , Firearms and Explosives (“BATFE”) compliance inspection, or in defense of civil litigation aimed at scrutinizing the retailer’s business practices. FFLGuard has experienced increased demand as the program has caught the attention of clients across the nation who face similar legal obstacles in their marketplaces.

Christopher Chiafullo, attorney and founder of the FFLGuard program, currently serves as its National Coordinating Counsel and Director of Special Operations. Chiafullo works with subject matter experts and firearms-specific counsel to develop FFLGuard’s “Law Plus Guidelines” and deliver the unique legal program nationwide, affording cost-effective compliance solutions to over 200 FFL’s in 36 states. Chiafullo recently asked attorney David Goldman, to join the FFLGuard program. He joins a growing and impressive group of experts in FFLGuard’s Special Operations Branch.

Mr. Goldman, founder of the Apple Law Firm of Jacksonville, FL, will provide his National Firearms Act (“NFA”) Trust expertise to the FFLGuard program. Specifically, FFLGuard will refer clients (and their retail customers) to Mr. Goldman and his network of Gun Trust Lawyers to utilize his expertise developing Gun Trusts for NFA firearms and collectors of firearms in every state where FFLGuard has clients.

“NFA Trusts,” “Firearms Trusts,” “Title II Trusts,” and “Class 3 Trusts” are all a specific type of legal instrument called “Revocable Living Trusts,” that deal with the unique issues of owning,transferring, and possessing Title II firearms (silencers, short barrel rifles and shotguns, AOWs and machine guns).

When individuals purchase a Title II firearm sold by a Dealer with a Class 3 SOT, the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the city or county where the individual resides is required to sign a document called a Form 4. This sometimes leads to delay or disappointment. Yet individuals can legally purchase and own a Title II firearms through a NFA Trust, wherein the Trust (not the individual) actually purchases and holds title to the restricted firearm or gun.

The NFA trust is not required to submit fingerprints nor seek the approval of the local chief of police. Instead the federal government will verify and investigate the application. Many individuals prefer the NFA Trust over creating a corporation or LLC to do the same thing because the NFA Trust is less expensive to operate, deals with issues of incapacity and death, and provides greater privacy as to who owns the Class 3 firearms.

“The ability to assist current and prospective FFLGuard clients with access to Mr. Goldman and his Gun Trust Lawyers will help our clients sell more products under their Class III License to qualified retail customers, while still keeping in line with our ‘Law Plus Guideline’ philosophy,” states Chiafullo. “We understand that the right to bear arms is a constitutional right that is always ‘under fire’ by current state and federal laws. Giving our FFLGuard clients better legal tools to comply with state and federal laws is part of our obligation to them, and aligning with David [Goldman] adds the bonus feature of giving our clients a ‘value-added’ service they can share with their customers.” Chiafullo added, “[if] both our clients and their customers have better access to and understanding of NFA Trusts, then it’s a win- win-win for the industry, FFLGuard, and the Title II weapon-buying public.”

“This is the next step for our program as we continue to provide superior legal counsel to the independent firearms retailer,” Chiafullo said.

If retailers are interested in joining FFLGuard or would like additional information on the FFLGuard program, please visit www.fflguard.com or call 1-888-FFL-GRD1 (1-888-335-4731). Also, anyone can follow Mr. Chiafullo on Twitter: @FFLGuard.