FNH USA Launches Brand New E-Store

FNH USA Launches Brand New E-Store
FNH USA Apparel, Soft Goods and Firearms Accessories Now Available for Purchase Online.

FNH USA Launches Brand New E-Store

McLean, Va. –-(Ammoland.com)- FNH USA, LLC is pleased to announce the launch today if its brand-new e-store located at www.fnhusaestore.com.

As of today, FNH USA apparel, soft goods and firearms accessories are now available for purchase online.

“We are pleased to offer FNH USA merchandise for sale to our loyal customers,” said Jo Tarrant, Director of Marketing and Communications for FNH USA. “We are grateful for the many current and future FN firearms owners who feel so strongly about our brand that they are proud to showcase it on their apparel and accessories. Their enthusiasm exemplifies the life-long relationship they have with FNH USA.”

As part of its e-store launch, FNH USA is also unveiling the opportunity for its customers to support the National Rifle Association’s NRA Life of Duty program. The NRA Life of Duty is a special membership program geared towards active law enforcement, military and first responders. The NRA Life of Duty program includes an online network that serves individuals who to go to work every day protecting, defending and fighting for the safety of American freedoms. This network provides news updates and long-form stories that give a powerful voice to the heroes who live a life of duty, each and every day.

Between now and December 2012, customers of FNH USA’s e-store may choose to help support NRA Life of Duty personally by “rounding up” their total purchase to the nearest dollar. All proceeds collected will be donated by FNH USA to help support the program.

“Involvement in programs like NRA Life of Duty is something that is very close to FNH USA’s heart,” said Tarrant. “FNH USA and its parent company, FN Herstal in Belgium, have more than a 100-year history of supporting men and women in uniform worldwide. We are pleased to sponsor a program such as this that will bring them such relevant and timely information.”

FNH USA, LLC is a U.S. subsidiary of FN Herstal S.A., a global leader in the development and manufacturing of high-quality, reliable firearms for the military, law enforcement and commercial markets. A pioneer in innovative firearm technology since the days of John M. Browning, the company supplies a variety of products to customers in more than 100 countries worldwide. Based in McLean, VA with manufacturing operations in Columbia, SC, FNH USA is responsible for all U.S.-based sales and marketing efforts. To learn more about FNH USA and its products, please visit www.fnhusa.com.

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Gilbert Lerma

New to site just purchased new ps90 excited to own it will be ordering some accessories what is a good sling for it? And how much are extra mags for it in 50 round?

The Revelator

@Gilbert Lerma

You will find them for anywhere from 20 to 30 dollars a piece. As far as accessories go, check out BullpupArmory.com They have an entire section for the PS90/P90.

For a first Recommendation to you, I’d look at a K&M folding charging handle. It’s made out of metal, and will give you better purchase in any situation where you have gloved hands, but it also stays folded flat when you don’t need it. From there, it’s all up to you on how you want to customize it. Have Fun!

The Revelator

Oh, and advice for a newcomer. Watch out if you head over to the political debate section for an individual called “The Green Watch Dog”. He’s a major gun control proponent masquerading as pro2a. There have been a lot of Anti’s starting to show up here as of late.

Hope you don’t have a problem, and welcome to Ammoland. Perhaps when you get your PS90 configured how you like it you can write a review and submit it here.

Wild Bill

@GL, Welcome to the site.