Senator Reid Nukes Gun Rights

Senator Reid Nukes Gun Rights

Virginia Gun Owners Coalition
Virginia Gun Owners Coalition

Virginia –-( Anti-Gun Senate Majority Leader, who was backed by the NRA, has nuked gun rights.

That’s right!

He has taken away the one tool that Senators Rand Paul and Jim DeMint have used countless times to save our bacon.

Reid nuked the filibuster rule.

You see, for years, Virginia Gun Owners Coalition has been opposed to what some call the “Nuclear Option” in the United State Senate.

You may remember a number of years back when the Republicans in the Senate, led by Bill Frist, threatened to use the “Nuclear Option” to confirm judges being held up by Democrats.

I was opposed to such a move then and am today, as well.

The “Nuclear Option” would allow bills to pass through the U.S. Senate with a simple majority, instead of having to get 60 votes to break a filibuster.

Such a radical step to do away with the filibuster should be opposed by EVERY gun rights activist and gun rights organization in this country.

Anti-gun Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) used the “nuclear option” late Thursday night, out of the eye of the public, thus, setting up rules in favor of the gun-grabbers in the Senate.

You may remember Senator Reid was reelected to the U.S. Senate in 2010.

Some “insiders” within the gun rights community in Washington got behind Senator Reid (he even received money from some of them) after they determined that by supporting Harry Reid they could avoid potentially “worse” Senate Majority Leaders.

Well, the “nuclear option” is the worst of the worst of policies. Our gun rights are now at greater risk than they were just days ago. Gun rights activists like you and me don’t have to settle for the “lesser of two evils.”

Anti-gun is anti-gun.
No amount of compromise or give-and-take in the backrooms of the U.S. Capitol will prevent VGOC and our sister gun organizations like the National Association for Gun Rights from opposing gun-grabbers wherever they exist.

You and I both know elections have consequences, but it appears both Majority Leader Harry Reid and the Obamacrats in the Senate don’t get that basic point.

Reid and the Obamacrats have now shredded the current Senate rules and silenced YOU and conservative Senators like Rand Paul and Jim DeMint.

They say that Senators like Jim DeMint and Rand Paul are “obstructing” the work of the “American people.”

Reid and his anti-gun cohorts in the Senate have removed the “filibuster rule” which requires 60 votes to override.

Conservative champions like Rand Paul have used the “filibuster rule” to great effect for gun owners, using it to stop all manner of outrageous legislation.

In reality, Paul and DeMint ARE DOING the work of the people, by fighting to protect our rights and threatening filibusters of dangerous legislation. Senator Reid has now stripped them of that opportunity.

The NRA in Washington, D.C. calculated wrong.

Senator Reid is as left-wing and anti-gun as almost any Senator in Washington.

He proved that with his decision to invoke the nuclear option, threatening our gun rights.

The truth is, the Founding Fathers wanted the Senate to be a deliberative body, and to ensure that the voice and rights of the minority were always heard.

You have my assurance that VGOC and all the other no-compromise state-level gun lobbies that beat the NRA sell out over the Clinton Gun Ban in 2004 will never compromise your gun rights by asking you to choose the “lesser of two evils.”

The fight is just beginning.

Please stay tuned and ready to contact your legislators.

For Liberty,

Mike McHugh
Virginia Gun Owners Coalition.

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Most Senators & Congressmen, when elected to office start by taking an oath just like the military to SUPPORT & DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES and its Amendments; however, once in office they violate (Its a Federal Crime) the oath they swore to.

When this happens, they should be removed from office without any pension, benefits and the right to vote, just

like a Felon.