The Psychology of Officer-Involved Shootings Course Registration Open

The Psychology of Officer-Involved Shootings Course Registration Open

Women's Tactical Association
Women's Tactical Association

Blue Island, IL –-( We have received many requests from non-law enforcement individuals that are interested in our training.


Description: This training will explore the psychology of officer-involved shooting and the decision-making process involved.

The focus of the training will be on the psychology, stress and decision-making process, as well as deadly force, legal issues and tactics utilized by law enforcement officers.

This training will expose participants to decision-based concepts and strategies through scenario-based training. Students will experience these scenarios by utilizing airsoft scenario weapons.

The Psychology of Officer-Involved Shootings
The Psychology of Officer-Involved Shootings

This training allows participants to encounter and engage various targets and “threats” in a safe controlled scenario, while experiencing the decision-making and psychological effects of a high-stress and deadly-force situation from an officer’s perspective. Students will encounter various realistic situations as well live role players as targets.

Location: Indoor tactical training facility utilized by local, state and federal law enforcement agencies.

Instructors: Active duty police & SWAT officers who are state-certified firearms and tactical instructors. Most hold advance degrees and have extensive training and experience in both education and law enforcement.

Cost: $55

Pay under the “Training” tab via Paypal or credit card.

Please note: There are a limited number of slots available. You must pay in advance to confirm your spot.

Safety: Safety is paramount; therefore, there are no live weapons of any kind allowed in the training facility.

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