Wisconsin Castle Doctrine – What Are They Hiding?

Wisconsin Castle Doctrine – What Are They Hiding?

“‘Castle Doctrine’ establishes the presumption that an individual who forcibly enters ones home, business or occupied motor vehicle [emphasis added] is there to cause death or great bodily harm, and allows force, including deadly force, against that person.” – NRA-ILA e-mail alert 10/28/11

Wisconsin Gun Owners
Wisconsin Gun Owners

Wisconsin –-(Ammoland.com)- When you read the quote above, you’re no doubt thinking, “That sounds like a good thing.”

But upon closer examination you will notice that the “privilege” of self-defense that AB69 and SB79 purport to advance only apply to your home, business or inside your vehicle.

Inside your vehicle…?

Think about that for a moment.

State Rep. Dean Kaufert (R-55th)
Why is State Rep. Dean Kaufert refusing to amend castle doctrine legislation to include all areas where free people may go? Why is he restricting self-defense to the interior of your vehicle?

Bad guy approaching your car. Bad guy drawing weapon. Bad guy pointing weapon at your children.

At this point, you still don’t have the “privilege” of self-defense (according to this legislation), so hang tight and let him get closer … much closer.

Bad guy grabbing your car door. Bad guy … climbing inside. Is he inside the car? Is he close enough to touch your wife and grab your kids?

OK, NOW you may defend yourself.

Let me tell you something: If an attacker is inside your car, it’s too late.

The most outrageous thing about these bills is how Rep. Dean Kaufert (R-55th) and the establishment republicans are refusing to expand the legislation to “any place a person may legally be.”

This should be a very simple thing for a pro-gun legislator to do. So what’s the problem?

They’ve already refused to listen to gun owners who wanted the legislation to recognize the “right” of self-defense, and have instead opted to insult us by codifying this most basic of inalienable rights as a “privilege” – a clear step backwards.

Now, without this much-needed amendment, the legislation will be lacking in necessary areas of protection.

Is the institutional gun lobby silently ushering this bill along to give cover to state politicians?

Why won’t Rep. Dean Kaufert and the republican caucus act like they’re in power and make this bill a real slam-dunk pro-gun piece of legislation?

Why are they surrendering this fight when they control the legislature? (Did gun owners waste their votes on them?)

A vote is scheduled for today, Tuesday, Nov. 1 at 11 am. Therefore, you need to act quickly.


  1. It is urgent that you call and e-mail Rep. Dean Kaufert 608-266-5719([email protected]) and your representative (Click Here to find your state representative) urging them to amend AB69 and SB79 to include “any place a person may legally be.”
  2. Contribute something to this lobbying campaign so we can effectively amend what should be good pro-gun legislation but is instead being hi-jacked by incompetence.
In Liberty,
Corey Graff
Executive Director

P.S. If you believe you have a right to self-defense any place you happen to be, then State Rep. Dean Kaufert (R-55) is working against you by refusing to amend castle doctrine legislation to include “any place you may legally be.” Rep. Kaufert and the republican caucus seem to think you need to let a mass murderer inside your vehicle before you may legally use deadly force in self-defense.

A vote is scheduled for Tuesday morning, 11/1, so call Rep. Kaufert immediately at 608-266-5719 and e-mail: [email protected]

Tell Rep. Kaufert you want AB69 amended and the vote delayed.

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