Democrats Acting As Democrats Despite Herald Democrat Hype

Democrats The Lame Party
Democrats The Lame Party

USA –-( “Close to 50 Democrats gathered Saturday at the Grayson County Courthouse for the party’s county convention.  Part of the message seemed to be a focus on not on acting as Democrats, but as Americans,” Jonathan Cannon of the Herald Democrat would have us believe in a Sunday report filed under “News.”

What “America First” vs. partisan agenda examples do the county apparatchiks offer that fulfill their representation of being “good for everybody”–right before they let slip that they’re “defining ourselves as Democrats” ?

One is evidently “the repeal of the Texas Voter ID law that requires voters to show a government-issued photo identification to cast their ballots.”

“The greatest threat to the integrity of Democratic elections is low number of voters,” the Democrats say, relying on their trademark Orwellian doublespeak to make the case that integrity at the polls can only be ensured by turning an intentional blind eye to eligibility.

Left unsaid is why they would not also condemn a law that requires people to show government-issued photo identification to purchase a gun. Not that the county commissars don’t have strong feelings about the subject:

Delegates asked for the creation of a committee to review current gun laws, “with the intent to draft legislation that restricts where guns may be carried and sold and requires registration requirements and database for gun ownership and tracking of non-sporting guns and further outlaws the sale of any semi-automatic gun that can easily be converted into an automatic gun.”

This is what ironically-named “Authorized Journalist” Cannon would have us conclude is acting not as Democrats but as Americans?

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David Codrea is a long-time gun rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He is a field editor for GUNS Magazine, and a blogger at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance. Read more at

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Lee Domina

There isnt really to many smart democrates out there anyways. what do you expect. The democrates are the ones that started the whole gun control thing way back when they were bringing black people here illegally. No blacks are aload to have guns because they might rise up against the klu klux klan,(Democrates) so then there became the republicans to say that the blacks had as much rights to have guns as the whites.