Help Your Industry Stand Up Against Those Who Ignore The Law & Push Their Own Agenda

National Shooting Sports Foundation

NEWTOWN, Conn –-( Anti-gun, anti-industry politicians and bureaucrats will do anything to put honest, hardworking and law-abiding firearms retailers out of business and destroy America’s firearms industry and our firearms freedoms— even if they have to break federal law to do it!

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago city officials crossed the line by illegally sharing firearms trace information with the University of Chicago Crime Lab to publish a worthless study about crime in the Windy City. The Chicago PD should have known better! The release of highly sensitive firearms trace information for anything other than bona fide criminal investigations is prohibited by federal law known as the Tiahrt Amendment for very good reasons.

The Chicago PD intentionally broke the law and has put the safety and privacy of firearms dealers, your employees, your customers, law enforcement and others in extreme danger.

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Chicago politicos have a long and consistent history of circumventing the Second Amendment.

  • Mayor Rahm Emanuel has long harbored deep-seated anti-gun beliefs, and was once identified as “our guy in the White House” by the Brady Campaign. He worked for Mayor Daly, served in the Clinton White House, sponsored anti-gun legislation in Congress, worked for the Obama Administration, and since becoming Mayor has pushed for tougher restrictions on law-abiding gun owners in Illinois.
  • Chicago PD Superintendent Garry McCarthy learned the ropes under New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg and has called federal gun laws “government-sponsored racism.”
  • The University of Chicago Crime Lab’s Executive Director Roseanna Ander served as co-chair of Mayor Emanuel’s Public Safety Transition Committee, head of the Joyce Foundation’s Gun Violence program, and as a Soros Justice Fellow in the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office. Chicago-based Joyce Foundation is the leading patron of anti-gun advocacy groups in the country— its largest beneficiary being the Violence Policy Center.

The pandemic of frivolous lawsuits against the firearms industry in the 1990’s stirred the need for the Tiahrt Amendment to protect sensitive trace information. It’s no surprise that Chicago was one of the cities to file such a suit, and its claims also revolved around trace data then, even though the ATF itself has long maintained that trace data can’t be used to draw meaningful conclusions. In fact, the ATF has repeatedly cautioned that trace data is in no way indicative of criminal wrong-doing by firearms retailers; it is merely a law enforcement tool.

Chicago’s rigid anti-gun ideology ultimately resulted in the landmark Supreme Court ruling in McDonald v. Chicago that overturned the city’s handgun ban. But as you can see local pols have not surrendered their anti-gun crusade.

Attacks on your business, America’s firearms industry and our firearms freedoms by anti-gun politicians and bureaucrats must stop NOW. They must be held accountable for violating federal law.

Stand up against those who ignore the law to push their anti-gun agenda. Contribute to your industry PAC today.

Lawrence G. Keane
NSSF PAC Treasurer

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