Huricane Sandy ~ AmmoLand After Action Report

By Fred Riehl

AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Manasquan, NJ –-( Hurricane force winds, tidal surges, high moon flooding, gas line breaks, house fires, neighbor heart attacks, downed trees, broken utility poles, sand by the ton, now riots, looters and robbers.  We have National Guard in our neighborhood wich is helpful and calming for our neighbors.

This has been like some crazy survival adventure weekend and with no end in sight.

Just wanted to update all our friends and readers on AmmoLand and thank everyone for the kind words and offers for help. Even with all the insanity, Brian and myself are well and our families are safe.

Thank fully we were prepared and neither of us take any shit, which turns out makes you very popular with your neighbors when they need help.

The video above describes it all, watch the video and where you see the bridge with the ocean pouring through, well Brian and I live only a mile or two north of that.

Brian and I will try and keep updating our readers as things improve.


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Adriana Blandford

Brian and Fredy,

Thoughts are with you guys and your families. Stay safe.