Give a Toy Gun & Ignite the Spark of a Future Gun Owner

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Give a Toy Gun & Ignite the Spark of a Future Gun Owner
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AmmoLand Gun News

Manasquan, NJ –-( I must have been 9 or 10 when an uncle gave me a G14 1970s Combat Machine Cap Firing Gun for Christmas.

At the time it was not a toy I would have asked for, I think that my uncle gave it to me more to annoy my mother as I ran around shooting off the caps in the house, at the dog and my little brothers.

But that plastic M16 lookalike “Evil Black Rifle” was the spark that burned itself into my subconsciousness and from that Christmas forward I, at least in my young mind as I wasn’t old enough for the real thing, I was a gun owner.

Needless to say between my brothers and I we burned through our supply of snap caps in a day and never saw another “Ammunition Resupply” again, thanks Mom..? But that plastic rifle was the star of many backyard battles fought from holes and forts all across my neighborhood.

Now today most modern retailers have bought into the anti-gun hate speech that kids should never touch or for that matter see a gun, plastic or otherwise. So it can be a challenge finding a quality toy gun, that is not made from clear plastic or in wacky pinks and blues.

We need a gun that looks like the real thing to make it  worthy of a child’s birthday or Christmas!

So in researching this article I found there are still some great choices and a great many thanks needs to be heaped on the Airsoft Movement as they embody the idea above that through toy guns children can learn not only the thrill of pulling the trigger but the responsibility care and caution that comes with owning something that “can put your eye out kid”.

Where to Find Quality Toy Guns?
My first thought was to look were I already spend most of my time looking for real guns and that is on . Try this link to get right to their search for toy guns: .  My only hesitation here is a lot of the real toy stuff, not counting Airsoft, is collectible and not quite what I had in mind when looking for a toy that can take some real play time punishment.

Surprisingly one of the best places I found on the web for true toy guns was Amazon. Here is just a few that I found that I would love to play with.

32" AK47 SWAT Team Assault Rifle
32″ AK47 SWAT Team Assault Rifle

32″ AK47 SWAT Team Assault Rifle : High quality battery operated AK47 toy gun with lights and blasting sounds! Feel the action when you pull the trigger. This awesome AK47 gun measures 32″ long. Requires 3 AA batteries (not included). Ages 8 and up.

Big Tex Pitsol & Holster Set
Big Tex Pitsol & Holster Set

Big Tex Pitsol & Holster Set :  Big Tex Pistol & Holster Set, Cowboy Collection, Fires 12 Shot Ring Caps. Realistic size metal toy revolver with vinyl leather look holster and belt. Uses 12 shot ring cap not included.

Old Tex Rifle
Old Tex Rifle

Old Tex Rifle:  Old Tex Rifle, Cowboy Collection, Fires 12 Shot Ring Cap. The Old Tex rifle is designed after the original rifle of the Wild West era. Measuring 30.5-inches, it is constructed with die-cast metal that looks like real antique metal and quality plastic that looks just like real wood. This rifle fires 12 shot ring caps. Makes a great Theatrical prop! Made in Italy. Features a full orange tip as required by Federal Law.

30" Pump Action Shotgun
30″ Pump Action Shotgun

30″ Pump Action Shotgun: This fun 30″ pump action shotgun is awesome! Pull the trigger for realistic shooting sounds. After shooting, you can eject the shells from the side with the pump action! Shooting and seeing shotgun shells popping out with each pump action is really awesome! Your kids will love playing with this gun. Requires 2 AA batteries (not included). For ages 5 and up.

Ultimate Kids Toy Army Combat Set
Ultimate Kids Toy Army Combat Set

Ultimate Kids Toy Army Combat Set : 2 Battery Operated 4 Inch Grenades with ticking/explosion effect. Green/Black/or Gray. 2 Blue & Yellow Grenade with ticking/explosion with Red LED lights. One 24 Inch Camouflage Ak47 Dart Gun with 10 soft tip darts & 1 belt clip. One 20 Inch M16 Dart Gun with 10 Darts. One steel Handcuffs with 2 keys. Two Military Kids Size Helmet. Measures 8″ x 8″. Blue Grenade represent American MK 2 “practice grenade” during WW2. Yellow Grenade represent MK2 “high explosive ordinance” during WW2. 9 Inch Blade with Sheath.

As you can see they have a great variety of real toy guns and I did not even get into the vast selection of Airsoft Guns that Amazon has to offer.

So give a boy or girl a Toy Gun and plant the seed of gun ownership.  Then watch that young person grow into a freedom loving, self dependent, responsible adult.  God knows we could use more of those folks these days.

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I started buying my sons really cool toy guns when they were old enough to walk. Now I do the same thing for my grand kids. The poster above said guns aren’t toys and that’s true. Real guns ain’t toys but toy guns sure are. Ban toy guns ? Uh No !…. What an idiot !

Frank Johnston

"… as I ran around shooting off the caps in the house, at the dog and my little brothers." Wonder if Adam Lanza used to run around pretending to kill little kids when he was a boy, too. You know, before he grew up to waste a room full of unarmed kindergarteners. Tactical questions: Yes, it is easy to blow away a few kids in a clump, cowing in the corner. But how do you know how far to lead the kids who are running away from you to get the best percentage of kill shots? (Pop!Pop!Pop!….AAAuuuugh… GurgleGurgle… CoughUpBlood…. Die…)… Read more »

Don Thornton Jr.

Uh No!

"Guns" are not toys and should never be treated as such. I hate hearing about people being engaged by LEO because they have what looks like a realistic but "toy" gun.

Ban the toy guns and teach respect for the real thing.

Wild Bill

Ban this, ban that. Next someone will be demanding to ban jokes (which are mere entertainment like toys), and demanding that we teach respect for only political speech. Or banning desert in favor of only nutritious food. Ok, I have to go I have a cake in the oven and some hummus to throw out!


It looks cool

Vico Confino

For adults who fear having a gun. has the most realistic training guns that fire loud blank ammunition. US Dep't of Justice classifies these training guns as toys and 100% safe since they will not chamber live ammunition.

Does everything a live fire pistol does safely.

In use by military, police agencies firearms instructors and civilian trainees. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Vico Confino

Vico Confino