New York State Has Fallen!! Only 49 2A States Left

New York State Has Fallen, Only 49 2A States Left. Please update your map of the USA.
New York State Has Fallen, Only 49 2A States Left. Please update your map of the USA.
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Wisconsin –-( The Colonel and the daughter decided to go to New York City (NYC) over Christmas break.

They went last year, stayed in the Soldiers’, Sailors’, Marines’, Coast Guard & Airmen’s Club, Inc ( in downtown New York and had a great time. So they had to go back again. Only this time it did not go so well.

The first day out the Colonel tripped in the middle of Canal St. and landed on her already damaged shoulder. This led to a new NYC experience, visiting one of the city’s notorious zoos called an emergency room. The attending physician after examining her and reading an X-ray alleged she did not break anything, sending her on her way. So the Colonel wore a sling walking around NYC for five days while the daughter, a second year nursing major, attentively cared and watched over her mother.

The Colonel gets home, we have a follow-on visit at a Navy hospital and low and behold the arm is broken. On both of these trips I was invited to go with the women folk but I declined. I worked my way through college on what I called the Amtrak scholarship. I was one of the first white Pullman porters that Amtrak hired back in the early 1970s. I made that trip from Chicago to New York more times than I care to remember enduring a lay-over in NYC.

I know people love to go there. America’s women watch the re-runs of Sex in the City and get ideas of the great life in that city. The character Carrie never gets shot, mugged or raped in any of the episodes.

Now her and her three friends may give it away to some guy in each episode but that does not count since no one used deadly force, except maybe the lies they tell to themselves to rationalize their demonstrated bad behavior.

I am sorry I digress; this column is about my Second Amendment Right not about the sleazy actions of some Americans. New York State passed some of the most restrictive guns laws in the Nation yesterday (15 Jan 2013) and they are a direct attack on the US Constitution, but I can only assume the citizens of New York do not care what has just happened to them.

They gladly elected the state politicians who are now obstructing their 2nd Amendment Right. I keep hearing the mantra that we need rational and well meaning controls on our 2nd Amendment Right and if all these illegal controls can save just one child’s life it will be worth the effort. What if we applied the liberal anti 2nd Amendment logic to the 13th and 21st Amendments?

Let me state up front that I do not in any way want to repel or amend those two Amendments, but how about some progressive thought, rational and well meaning controls on those two?

If we could save just one child’s life that lives in the often violent culture of some of the Americans who have benefited from the 13th Amendment, would not all the money and enforcement actions be worth it? What about the 21st Amendment? It is said that the firearms industry is what drives the “right” in encouraging lawful Americans to cling to their guns.

Do you think that perhaps the liquor industry spends a lot of money to promote its ability to thrive under the 21st Amendment?

I live in a state that has the most lax liquor control laws on the books, a lot of citizens suffer because of this. In the scope of full disclosure, I do not drink alcohol and personally would love to see it gone from our society. 30 plus years in law enforcement has shown me that alcohol does more damage to Americans than any other substance or object (read guns). I am however smart enough to understand that liquor is never going to go away, the country already tried that.

New York State has set a very dangerous president for this country. The Colonel and daughter want me to take a road trip with them to New York and the New England states. I am not going. I cannot take a gun with me into most of those states. I will not volunteer to be disarmed by state governments that insist when I enter their state, that I must leave my 2nd Amendment Right at the border.

It is time to stop supporting New York. It is time to stop going there and more importantly stop spending money there. But this will hurt the good citizens of New York State. So be it, they elected their leaders let them live with the outcome.

Major Van Harl USAF Ret
[email protected]

About Major Van Harl USAF Ret.:
Major Van E. Harl USAF Ret. , is a career Police Officer in the U.S. Air Force was born in Burlington, Iowa, USA, in 1955. He was the Deputy Chief of police at two Air Force Bases and the Commander of Law Enforcement Operations at another. Now retired, these days he enjoys camping, traveling, volunteering with the Girl Scouts and writing. [email protected]

  • 24 thoughts on “New York State Has Fallen!! Only 49 2A States Left

    1. I moved out of New York State a little over 2 years ago into the Great state of Georgia. I have NOT regretted it since. NY can keep their high taxes and their anal politicians.

    2. I avoid the whole state of Illinois and will not spend any of my money in Illinois. I have never lost anything in New York or New York City and I will not spend any of my money in the State of New York, nor do any business with companies in New York. If the people of New York and New York City would recall or vote their Gov and Mayor out of office. Hire new people who will change their states attitude with regard to obaying the Constitution of the US, and honoring the 2nd Amendment, and the rights of the people.

    3. ANOTHER thing too, in a year from now if these Draconian laws are not reversed, MOST law abiding gun owners will become OUTLAWS!!! It has ALREADY been stated that MOST will NOT abide by the “7 round law” which will make them ALL CRIMINALS!! The ONLY thing these new laws have done (& they have been expressed by myself & OTHERS) is that in a year from now NY will have the LARGEST number of CRIMINALS!! So YEA you might want to stay OUT of NY cause we’re gonna be the “CRIMINAL” State!! While YOU ALL follow YOUR gun laws we WILL be FIGHTING & DISOBEYING OUR gun laws!!!

    4. Major Van Harl,
      With all do respect you are WAY wrong in your thought that WE NYers went along with the ass-f****** we got! These UNCONSTITUTIONAL laws were passed in the middle of the NIGHT when most were asleep! (What kind of S**T is THAT?) Even though I knew we were pretty much screwed I STILL went down to the Capitol Tuesday with a friend of mine who did 21 years in the Corps to express our OPPOSITION to the new TYRANNICAL laws that we ALL woke up to! They did NOT follow the Constitution (even of the State) and make closed door back room deals to STRIP US of our FREEDOMS!!! By the end of that week there were roughly 4,000 Patriots rallying in front of the Capitol DEMANDING JUSTICE!!! I myself am in the process of writing Articles of IMPEACHMENT against the Governor who wants to be President & there are 2 petitions started by Senators, AND a class action law suite being waged against the TYRANT & his minions who think that taking away OUR freedoms is OK!! To say that WE are laying down & taking this is WRONG!!! BUT we can only do so much & as the old saying goes Rome was not built in a day!!
      GET your facts STRAIGHT before you OPEN your MOUTH!! (Although your a Major & I know how ya’ll can be) I too served!!

    5. Our family will no longer visit NY or NYC. We will vacation and spend our time and money elsewhere. Always looking for Constitutional supportive environments to vacation!

    6. I served with the 10th at Fort Drum, NY. Great state outside of NYC. Hated to do this but I told my buyer in NYC that I would no longer honor orders from the residents of New York State. I don’t want New York to get the sales tax off of my work. I don’t know of any other way I can hurt the state than that. Have had many good customers from New York but no more. My advice: leave if you can. I hate it for you but the best thing you can do for your families is leave before they pass a law that says you can’t. Molon Labe.

    7. It’s ironic that the US caused the collapse of the Soviet Union/USSR, just so all the people who thought and believed like them, could all move here and overthrow the US/us from within.

    8. Who would’ve thought that Illinois would be less fukked up than any other state? That’s OK though, if Rahm and Quinn have their way, we’ll be even stricter than NY. Ass hats, one and all.

    9. I hear ya, Theobromine. Spent 7 years upstate myself, (1980s). One of the greatest Crimes Against Humanity is the infection of NYC in an otherwise beautiful state. Work eventually took me elsewhere, but I remember the country well. (You might consider adding Buffalo to the list. . .)

    10. About NY. I live in NY the COUNTRY not NYC. That place is just a stack of kennels to me.Western NY is dairy and grape farms and beautiful lakes. We need to secede from the scum in NYC. Western NY – Like West Virginia. It’s all God’s Country out here. Only 100,000 in the whole county! Brown eggs every 1/2 mile by the side of the road. Organic farms too. Cut NYC off and Albany too and we’d have it good. They steal our money and food and water.

    11. “but I can only assume the citizens of New York do not care what has just happened to them.”
      Don’t assume too much or you will make an ass out of yourself. Many of us in New York have every intention of resisting this tyranny with all that we have, including what is left of our sacred fortunes after the scum in Albany get done taxing us half to death. Just because the Mussolini Wannabe in Albany says something doesn’t necessarily make it so. Where I live, we have a county sheriff who is a strong advocate of the Second Amendment. This fight ain’t over until I’m dining in Vahalla with my ancestors. MOLON LABE

    12. I could swear that our so called president took an oath to up hold the constitution from enemies foreign and domestic. I wrote Mr. Obama 2 weeks ago along with my congress in Texas. I told him I did not believe he ever taught the constitution or even read the constiution…that he swore an oath:

      I Barrack H. Obama do solemly swear to gut whats left of our constitution and leave us vulnerable to enemies both foreign and domestic…after all its for the children.

    13. I live in Texas, I saw that the attorney general (Greg Abbott) is reaching out to New Yorkers Gun Owners in paticular. The Economy is good, cost of living is a fraction of what it’s like in the big apple. great weather, good people. I moved from chicago in 1986 right out of high school and have been here now 27 years. I reside in arlington, TX with my wife and 3 children. I am a member of a local gun range and make every effort to go once a week.

    14. Obama and Cuomo struck the first blow Now people have to push back.

      Legally of course.
      This is just my opinion (backed by a few stats) but all the gun control laws which have been introduced in the last 90-100 years have been passed because they are presented as being reasonable. Oh this is reasonable. Do you really need a fully automatic machine gun? Think of the kids and gun violence.
      and of course the people ARE reasonable and they trust(ed) their government, (even though the founders said not too), So they gave up the right to buy and own machine guns, hand-grenades, cannons, etc.
      This whole mess is bigger than just guns. Its about arms.
      We have been disarmed, till all we have now are glorified hunting rifles with large clips.

      And look to what it has lead too. Run away crime, women getting raped in the streets. Old peoples homes being invaded by groups of assailants and murdered.
      People being beat to death by groups of “youths” on the sidewalks in broad daylight.

      Yeah this gun control has really worked and low and behold seeing its working so well and hey its for the kids, and we are all reasonable right? Lets just give up more rights,,, Hey it’s for the kids.

      Over turn all gun control laws and let the chips fall where they may.
      The trash needs to be taken out in this country and the honest people could and WOULD cure the problem if the shackles could be taken off the people so they can exercise their rights to protect themselves and the people around them.

      If the people were given the nod by the government, I would dare say the crime problem would be taken care of pretty quick. Full Rights.
      What part of not infringed upon does the people not get?

      And do they NOW understand why it say’s it….?

    15. One big error in this story, we the people of NY did not elect the people in charge, the people of New York City did. Most of our politicians come from NYC, a place of completely differant culture and a huge population that has had their gun rights supressed for so long they have become sheep to city gun laws. We know what has happened to us and believe me, we are not happy. I grew up in the ’80’s and like many boys of the era, I watched the movie Red Dawn and, with my friends, pretended to be the Wolverines, defending our homeland againt an enemy army. The movie has turned to reality as gun owners here in NY have found themselves behind enemy lines in our own home towns, the horrifying differance is that we are under seige by our own government. People can say we should move, but I have no intention of leaving the mountains my family has called home for generations. I will stand and fight, as I encouage all fellow New Yorkers to do, regardless of what part of the state you live in, nobody can help us but ourselves.

    16. Hey Marc, come on down here to Texas. Good weather, nice people for the most part, lot’s of jobs, no income tax and best of all our Governor carry’s and here’s the coolest thing, if you have a CHL you ARE allowed to carry IN the Capitol building.

    17. I’d just like to say, that as a Nea Yorker, who was just royally screwed by my government, there is a large group of NYers who didn’t support, or elect the tyrants currently in office, we’ve been summarily pushed aside by our elected officials, disenfranchised by people who swore an oath to uphold our freedoms. We are, unfortunately, a minority in a state which is essentially governed by NYC liberals. Many a good representative in upstate Ny did not support this bill, and continue to speak out against it…..but, I agree with you…don’t support this State, take your money elsewhere….I’m considering my options for doing the same,

    18. Great article. I always avoid driving through the Peoples’ Republic of Illinois when driving to Florida from Missouri. Good to hear about House Bill 170 in the Show-Me state.

    19. You will be happy to know that the Missouri. House Bill 170, is in process of going through the house, and stands good chance of passing, in the Senate as well. Basically, what it says is that the state of Missouri wont recognize the Federal laws concerning hi capacity magazines and so called assault rifles. That anyone that tries to enforce these laws will be arrested for a class D felony.

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