Ruger Arms Withdraws From Eastern Sports & Outdoor Show

Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show Says No to Black Rifles
Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show Says No to Black Rifles
Ruger Firearms
Ruger Firearms

Southport, CT –-( Ruger has decided not to attend the upcoming Eastern Sports Show.

We are very frustrated by Reed Exhibitions’ foolish decision to ban the display of modern sporting rifles.

We feel that, as one of America’s firearms manufacturers, we must withdraw from the show as a commitment to the 2nd Amendment rights of our customers.

Nonetheless, we are very disappointed not to be attending the Eastern Sports Show.

We were looking forward to attending the show for the first time this year and meeting and supporting the 200,000+ sportsmen and women that attend this great celebration of the outdoors.

We hope the show will be successful for the many outfitters and other vendors who depend on the show for their annual business.

About Sturm Ruger
Sturm, Ruger was founded in 1949 and is one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of high-quality firearms for the commercial sporting market. Sturm, Ruger is headquartered in Southport, CT, with manufacturing facilities located in Newport, NH and Prescott, AZ. Visit:

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Frank Lloyd

I own several rugers,but maybe it’s time the company got the hell out of Ct.

Tom Wickstrom

I support Ruger 100%, I own 8 of your great fire arms, soon to be 9, I think maybe an LCR, and then I’ll buy a new rifle, I just need to pick one: hard decision. Thanks Semper Fidelis.

Eddie Thompson

I’m proud of Ruger for making a stand. Very proud! I own many Ruger products, and am in the process of ordering a couple more for the family. You have my support.

james bailey

Thank you so much Ruger for standing up for our rights!! I have been shopping for 3 rifles for myself and family and i can tell you now that they will be rugers in support of your decision.

Chief USN Charlie

Thumbs up Ruger. Own 12 of your fire arms,,,think I’ll go purchase two more.

Everett Tremblay

I just bought my first firearm a Ruger 1022 and I'm sure when I buy a compact that it will be a ruger.Thank you for standing up for the 2A and our rights.America will stand behind you.


I have a Ruger .357 Blackhawk and a Ruger 10/22 rifle, and I am going to buy a Ruger LCR .38+P as soon as I can find one, in support of Ruger's decision to pull out of the show.


I'm proud to have several Ruger products in my safe and will certainly purchase more without question because of this decision. Well done Ruger and thank you for standing up for your customers! Maybe I need to go get that SR556 that I've been eyeing…….


Great move on the part of Ruger, as they support our rights. I will continue to support Ruger, and I will continue to buy more Rugers, like my Mini-14, Single-Six, Mark I, Security Six, 10/22, and my Super Blackhawk.

VT Patriot

Thanx Ruger, you did the right thing. You probably did more for the 2A, and your customers this way than spending $$ at a show that doesn't want you. Way to go. We're behind you.


Way to go Ruger, S&W, NRA,Cabelas and any others that will withdraw no second chances on this one. You (ESOS) can't be selective and say a vendor can participate but only with part of your wares, shame on you ESOS


Thank you Ruger. I will go out and buy a ruger 1911 as a way to say thank you. HAHA. I do plan on buying one when I can find one.


Thank you Ruger! I will also buy another one of your fine firearms and exercise my 2nd Amendment rights. The enemy is the enemy,no negotiations,no surrender.


I am going to goto my gunshop and get a ruger today in support of their decision not to attend the eastern gun show.