Beretta Considers Leaving Maryland as Gov O’Malley Pushes Tougher Gun Laws

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Beretta Firearms Factory
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Cam Edwards talks to Jeff Reh from Beretta.

One of the world’s biggest gun makers is threatening to move its Maryland manufacturing plant – along with roughly 400 jobs – as Democratic Gov. Martin O’Malley pushes one of the most ambitious gun-control agendas in the country.

Beretta USA executives have grown weary of the state’s attitude on guns and reportedly have backed up their threat by pointing out the company moved a warehouse to neighboring Virginia in 1990 when Maryland previously tightened gun laws.

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  • 11 thoughts on “Beretta Considers Leaving Maryland as Gov O’Malley Pushes Tougher Gun Laws

    1. I live across the Chesapeake Bay from the western maryland liberals. They ignore everyones opinion except for two of their counties that carry the electorial votes. The eastern shore is proud of Beretta taking a stand. I feel because of the proposed gun control and no death penalty this state will become the home of the criminal. It certainly will weaken the position of the law abiding home owner. Guess they don’t care if another law abiding, tax paying family moves to another state either. My gun of choice will certainly be Beretta from now own. Beretta and the NRA have my vote!

    2. Wait… New York has an economy? 😉

      On a serious note though, I would love to see Beretta (as well as any other firearm related business, or second amendment supporters, for that matter) move to Texas. Just in case you need an extra incentive, Texas doesn’t have state income tax. 🙂

    3. Its time to start boycotting tourism in new york,maryland and new jersey.Our money is not good enough for these states.No atlantic city trips,no inner harbour or wildwood and no yankee or ny knick games.Lets crush their economies!

    4. Good going Beretta! The real American people support YOU! Don’t compromise, send Washington and Obama a clear and present danger of not being able to purchase Beretta arms!

    5. Beretta come over to Nebraska! We want all the firearm’s related businesses to locate here in the Cornhusker state! ; ) T J

    6. Beretta, come on down to Texas. We want all the firearms related businesses to locate here in the Lone Star State.HBH

    7. Beretta – Please support the Second Amendment and the Firearms Equality Movement – not only by moving but by refusing to sell to all law enforcement in ban areas!

      Stand with the American People!

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