PTA Goes Anti-Gun – Time to Tear up my Membership Card

School Guns
PTA Goes Anti-Gun – Time to Tear up my Membership Card
Eric at the Gunmart Blog
Eric at the Gunmart Blog

United States –-(  So it looks like the National Parent Teacher Association President, Betsy Landers, is now fully embracing gun control ,,, er civilian disarmament.

She is openly calling for banning guns, preaching that background checks will solve everything, and equating the 2nd Amendment to the right to go duck hunting. Yes, duck hunting.

“I grew up around guns and am comfortable with having a shotgun or a .22 in the house for hunting purposes. (…) And if banning assault weapons, making sure that everybody who buys a gun has a background check, if banning all those will keep even one child safe, then it’s worth doing all we can do to make sure that happens. And that’s not saying that my brother can’t go duck hunting next fall. Entirely different.”

Ummmmm…. You do realize that criminals don't do background checks, right? (The Newtown killer stole his guns) You do realize that the 2nd Amendment has absolutely nothing to do with hunting, right?

“I try not to get into arguments over things like that. Everybody has closely held views, and people say, “Don’t take my guns.” As an advocate, my intent is not to take your guns. My intent is to protect children. No child in this country should have to go through what happened at Sandy Hook.”

That is absolutely right. This is about protecting children, but what Betsy Landers is proposing will do nothing to protect any child at any school. I have said it before and I will say it again… Secure the damn schools!

No amount of legislation is going to keep an insane lunatic from shooting up a school. CT already had an “assault weapons ban“. The Newtown Elementary School was already a “gun free zone“. Background checks don't stop criminals from getting guns. Putting stuff down on paper wont keep our children safe.

This is such a dangerous thing that its almost beyond comprehension. For an organization with such close ties to the people who are making decisions about the safety of our children to come out and be openly pushing for anti-gun legislation is scary. Betsy Landers is a powerful voice in the debate about what is going to be done about our children's safety at school, and she is going to be a powerful influence in the policies and procedures going forward to make sure that something like Newtown doesn't happen again. Sadly, what she is pushing for is going to get more children killed. What she is pushing for will not keep kids safe. It will only create a false sense of security.

You could take all those evil “assault rifles” and throw them into the ocean but it wont keep kids safe. The problem is not guns. The problem is lunatics that want to go into classrooms and slaughter innocent children. Its not about denying people access to (certain) guns. Its about denying predators access to our children.

Ok, Betsy, so you ban “assault weapons“… then someone comes in with a pistol and kills a bunch of kids. Then what? Gonna ban handguns? What happens when they come in with a shotgun – you know, that gun used for duck hunting – and kills a bunch of kids? Then what? Gonna ban any and all guns? What happens when someone comes in with a knife, a bat, a steel pipe… you name it… and goes into a classroom, locks the door and slaughters all 25 kids in that room? Then what?

Betsy Landers, you are misguided and the path that you are trying to take the schools of this country down is going to get more kids killed because it wont solve the problem.

You can contact the National PTA here.

Eric at the Gunmart Blog – Eric is a gun blogger, firearms enthusiast, and sorry excuse for a hunter. He is also an AmmoLand Shoting Sports News Columnist. Leave him some comments on this article before you go. You can also follow Eric on Facebook, Twitter and at his blog, Gunmart.

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I seem to have fewer and fewer “membership cards” these days…every “association” cares too much about giving my money to OTHER groups i want no association with!!!

Will Malven

Jay W, Betsy IS one of those “tyrants.” At least she’s a tyrant in training. This isn’t surprising; the left has long since taken over control of these organizations. Liberals have simply out “activisted” us conservatives. While we have been sleeping, they have been involved and sought to take control of our education system. The only possible solution to this is for conservative parents to become more involved and outnumber the liberals; to force the discussions that Betsy doesn’t get into. It is time for conservative parents to demand debate and use facts to destroy demagoguery. There are more of… Read more »

Jay W
Jay W

But Betsy, what if we need to hunt tyrants?

James B

The PTA will embrace a gun ban but they won’t embrace an abortion ban!


You know what? It doesn’t matter whether they were shot with handguns or rifles. What matters is who did the shooting. The guy was a nut and should have been locked away in an asylum long ago. But nooooo… The libs in la la land said that would be too cruel. (cruel to keep him and others from harm?) This is what happens when you lets insane people roam around. If it weren’t guns, it would have been poison, a bomb, fire, knives….. You name it. The nut would have found a way. You stupid brain damaged libs always want… Read more »