Mossberg Signs Duck Commanders

The Duckmen to Shoot and Promote Mossberg Firearms.

Duck Commanders
Mossberg Signs Duck Commanders

North Haven, CT –-( O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc, America’s oldest family-owned and operated firearms manufacturer, has entered into a long-term agreement with the Robertson family and the hugely-popular Duck Commander franchise.

Best-known as the stars of the top-rated reality TV series, Duck Dynasty, the Robertson clan lead by family patriarch, Phil, has expanded their Louisiana-based call-making company into a national phenomenon and A&E Television Networks most-watched series.

Terms of the multi-year agreement will include focus on the family’s passion of waterfowl hunting, promotion of the shooting sports and family values as well as a series of Mossberg “Duck Commander” firearms.

The now multi-million dollar Duck Commander enterprise was founded by Phil and is led by his son, Willie, and includes family members: Uncle Si, Jase, Jep; all known for their long-flowing beards, and Alan. All share in the passion for hunting and time-honored Southern traditions.

“Mossberg is extremely proud to partner with Duck Commander to further promote hunting, shooting sports and family values,” commented Iver Mossberg, CEO. “The Robertson’s widespread appeal and ability to cross over into the mainstream has bridged millions to the traditions of hunting and sharing time in the field with family.”

“The Duck Commander franchise was built on hard work, family values and our great American heritage. As an iconic, hard-working American product, made by a family-owned company, Mossberg is a perfect partnership for our team,” said Willie Robertson, CEO, Duck Commander.

Mossberg will work with the Robertsons to develop a line of branded “Duck Commander” guns across multiple categories including pump-action and autoloading waterfowl shotguns. For more information on Mossberg firearms and future Duck Commander offerings, please visit our web site at or follow us on

Duck Commander is a registered trademark of Duck Commander, Inc. A&E Television Networks is a registered trademark of A&E Television Networks, LLC.

About O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc.
Founded in 1919, O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc. is the oldest family-owned and operated firearms manufacturer in America, and is the largest pump-action shotgun manufacturer in the world. Leading the way with over 100 design and utility patents to its credit, and standing as the first ISO 9001 Certified long-gun manufacturer, Mossberg is considered to be one of the most innovative firearms manufacturers in U.S. History. For more information on commercial, special purpose, law enforcement and military shotguns, rifles and accessories, please visit their website at

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Bill Baker

Justin: A sound, well reasoned argument you present kind sir. Kudos, you have probably won many a man on the fence to your views with such sound reasoning. I know I shall not purchase a ‘rich foofoo faggot’ gun ever again thanks to your enlightenment. Thank you for taking the time to enrich our lives.


Mossberg is still in the same family hands while Remington has been sold for profit and heaven forbid a family go from a rich foofoo faggot gun at 1500$ to a working mans gun you freaking twirps

Jack B.

I agree, just let someone make it big and from that point on its all about money. I thought you went for the ducks not the bucks ? Good thing Hartland is still on, because I,am done with them too. Mossberg my ——–


I just loved this show but now they showed me there sell outs, nothing but fakes going from Benelli to crapberg is just proof there they couldn’t care less about duck hunting. I loved this show but now it’s just like all the other stupid shows FAKE! IM DONE!

David H

Completely agree Matt, Mossberg are the bottom of the barrel cheap cheap junk junk, but they are the best boat paddles and anchors on the market.

Matt M

Check your facts. Remington Arms has been producing firearms in the USA since 1816, a full 100 years before O.F. Mossberg and Sons was created.

This is a sad day for the Duck Commander boys. I really do like them and respect their business a lot, but Mossberg? No self-respecting waterfowl hunter uses a Mossberg shotgun. Especially not over a Benelli. Mossberg shotguns are cheap junk. I call shenanigans.

Gene Major

Love the show. Happy for all the groups involved. Rock on. Finally some good on T.V. to take time to watch. NO to the Voice, American Idoelshat, Housewives of who fn cares. And Phil has values to boot.

Tenring Rob

Love the T.V. show and glad to see they have learned to play the endorsement game. The have gone to Benelli, Browning and now Mossberg. They hawk more products than a New York pimp.