TALON Ordnance to Open Tactical Firearms Manufacturing Facility in Mississippi

TALON Ordnance
TALON Ordnance

Jackson, Miss. –-(Ammoland.com)- At a press conference held on Friday, July 26 2013, Governor Phil Bryant announced that TALON Ordnance, a tactical firearms manufacturing facility, is coming to Mississippi.

TALON Ordnance’s premium, service-grade weapons will be manufactured in Ridgeland, Miss., with 100% made in the USA parts. TALON is the first production-scale weapons manufacturing facility to originate in the state of Mississippi.

Military veteran Clay Baldwin is one of TALON’s founders and CEO. He has over 18 years of experience in law enforcement and military operations, and continues to serve in the Army Reserve. Baldwin is originally from Magee, Miss., and has lived in the Madison area for many years.

“Weapons manufacturing is a highly researched, highly recruited industry and we are proud to be a homegrown effort that will remain based in Mississippi,” said Baldwin.

The company will initiate production this fall with a tactical rifle based on the AR-15 platform, with the first rifles off the line in January 2014. TALON is located at 106 Business Park Drive, Ridgeland, Miss., in the 220/Highland Colony Business Park.

Currently, the company looks to employ approximately 10 people and is expected to grow to about 50 employees in the near future.

About TALON:

TALON Ordnance, LLC is the first production-scale firearms facility to originate in the state of Mississippi. Firearms produced by TALON will be premium, service- grade weapons that are superbly durable and consistently functional through even the harshest conditions. TALON’s mission is to supply our military warriors, law enforcement guardians and civilian patriots with weapons that they can stake their lives upon

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Troy Pulluck

How can a fyi dealer become a transport company for you good guys?

Sylvia Hankins

Glad to have you here. Can’t wait to view your product. I haven’t heard anything lately have you opened yet. Would love to get more information about your products would love to buy local. God Bless.

Kevin fail

Welcome to Mississippi looking forward to buying your products from a desert storm vet


I’m next door in Louisiana and this is great, having a factory that’s right next door. I will be able to go to the factory and back home in the same day.

Welcome to the South, where we value our rights and “we cling to our guns”.

Ryan Bedford

Dear Talon and Joe Bynum.
I’m interested in being employed by Talon. I spent 12 years in the military. In which I was trained to operate a arms room. I did receive the armored training in the year of 2008 when I was station at fort sill, Oklahoma.

Dirk Robertson

I am so proud to have a Mississippi based arms manufacturing company. I can’t wait for the day when I might be able to buy one of your products. I wish you the best of luck in your venture.

Dick Phillips

Welcome to the Magnolia State, Talon! It’s a good thing that manufacturing of weaponry is moving to or starting up in a state with its nearly 125 years of Second Amendment freedom, and looking like it’s guaranteed to continue for at least that many years to come. Maybe this will be the first of a wave of arms organizations moving to a gun-friendly state from their current locations. Come on, Magpul! Come on, National Shooting Sports Foundation!

Sam Owens

Welcome to Mississippi! Very proud to have an American company manufacturing American-made firearms in my Mississippi! I’ll be one of your customers once you enter the market place.

Joe Bynum

Welcome to Mississippi Wish you lots of success