What Divides Us – What Unites Us?

By Richard Goldman and Alan Chwick

Race Baiters and the Media have deemed George the new “White-Hispanic”
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

USA –-(Ammoland.com)- The trial of George Zimmerman (a newly-designated “White-Hispanic”) in Sanford, Florida exposes Obama’s “post-racial” America as a nation more divided than ever.

Much of that division is spurred on by ignorance, an ignorance that is exploited by our so-called “leaders” to more easily manipulate and control “We the People”.

Perhaps if the citizenry was aware of the true motives of those whom we entrust with our governance, the issues that divide us might actually serve to bring us together.  After all, most Americans really want many of the same things – a promising future for their children, challenging careers for themselves, and peaceful homes and communities for their families, with minimal interference by an intrusive government.

In the Zimmerman case, our leaders and their lackeys in the mainstream media clouded the issues by controlling the flow of information, and thus, the flow of the truth.  They repeatedly told us that the case was all about race, about the “stand-your-ground” statutes, and about self-defense laws.  However, this was never the truth.  In fact, except for “self-defense,” these issues were never raised in open court, regardless of statements made by President Obama after the verdict.  Yet the radicals at National Public Radio (NPR) dared to proclaim that “the specter of the 2005 law now loomed, inescapably, over the proceedings”, placing the stand-your-ground laws “under scrutiny.”


The distain held by Mr. Obama, his radical/liberal allies in Congress and the “useful idiots” in the Press for the simple phrase, “the right of the People to keep and bear arms”, has driven them to repeatedly lie about the unfortunate incident in Florida.  They seek to manipulate fence-sitting Americans to voluntarily agree to give up their right to self-defense in the name of safety, racial harmony, “justice”, “equality” or whatever they believe will successfully create the divisions they seek to exploit.

These divisions will not heal for a long, long time.

Law-abiding, pro-gun, pro-self-defense folks have been repeatedly told that the Zimmerman case was proof of the failure of “self-defense” as a viable idea.  Our enemies on the Left have taken aim at our inalienable right to self-preservation, actually preferring to tell us that, at times, it is our responsibility as victims to give in or even DIE, rather than inconvenience the system by exercising that nasty right of self-defense against “certain” violent felons.

Of course, we will never accept this, and we will stand fast against all who would try and deny our absolute right to life.

Unfortunately, many of our nation’s leaders, especially in the minority community, have successfully stoked the flames of racism, aggravating fears of a white majority with guns turning against racial minorities.  “Reverend” Al Sharpton, noted spiritual advisor and life-coach to Tawana Brawley, said during the Zimmerman trial that “it is as clear as day that there are forces that are determined to turn back the clock. And we can’t let them do it.”

An editorial in the Baltimore Sun begins, “Racial prejudice and reckless self defense laws caused the death of an unarmed teen, and they conspired against any hope for a just outcome in George Zimmerman’s trial.” (http://articles.baltimoresun.com/2013-07-15/news/bs-ed-trayvon-martin-20130715_1_trayvon-martin-george-zimmerman-own-defense).

Exactly what would have constituted a “just outcome in George Zimmerman’s trial” is apparently left up to the reader’s imagination…

However, as much as Al Sharpton and his cronies benefit from race baiting, the Zimmerman trial was simply not about race or racism, and using what happened that night in Sanford, Florida to create a fear of firearms and self-defense is dishonest, self-serving, inflammatory and disingenuous.

One major problem is that there is no common ground for discussion when ignorance creates fear for the safety of “our children”. Law-abiding gun owners are determined not to compromise their Constitutional rights to self-protection because of ignorance and fear created by race-baiting liars.  Unfortunately, because of lies perpetuated in the news, many well-meaning citizens believe that their children may become the victims of armed, predatory civilian-watchmen intent on hunting down and killing innocent kids.  That’s not what the Zimmerman trial was about, but you’d never know that by reading the newspaper or watching the lamestream media.

The polarization of America only serves to benefit the leaders of certain factions – the politicians, the media and those who live off of the continuation of the “victim” mentality in our country.

Of course, this divide makes honest Americans into losers – losers of their rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The evidence at trial showed that every move George Zimmerman made was legal, and the attack by Trayvon Martin, breaking Mr. Zimmerman’s nose and bashing Mr. Zimmerman’s head to the pavement was not.  Perhaps Mr. Zimmerman should have just walked the other way, and let his neighbors deal with what he perceived as a problem.  However, it was ultimately the jury’s task to determine if Zimmerman’s actions arose to a level of culpability in Martin’s death.  The Jury did their job, and found, under Florida’s law, no culpability by Mr. Zimmerman.  That should be the end of it for George Zimmerman, but with a “fatwa” against him having been issued by the race-baiters, one doubts whether Mr. Zimmerman will ever know another day of peace.

As for culpability by the Prosecutor, the race-baiting hate-mongers and the mainstream media in pushing this case to trial in the absence of clear evidence of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, and in attempting to manipulate the facts to suit their warped version of the events of that horrible night, we suspect the next few months may be quite interesting.  Time will tell.

(See: “Florida Governor Rick Scott Asked To Have State Commence Criminal Prosecution Of Zimmerman Prosecutor Angela Corey”, http://www.freedomwatchusa.org/florida-governor-rick-scott-asked-to-have-state-commence-cri)


Dr. Richard B. Goldman earned a B.S. in Geology from the State University of New York at Albany in 1974, and a D.D.S. from the State University of New York at Stony Brook in 1981. He has practiced dentistry for over 30 years, and is presently Vice President for Clinical Products for a major dental manufacturing company. He maintains life memberships in many national and state gun rights organizations, and has spent many years educating all who will listen about the relationship between civilian disarmament and government-sponsored genocide.

Mr. Alan J. Chwick received his B.S. from the State University of New York at Albany, in Business Administration and Data Processing, plus an A.S. from Nassau Community College, in Accounting. Alan has been engaged full-time, since 1975, in the private sector as an Independent IT & Facilities Consultant in Freeport, New York (The Complete Machine, Inc.). He is currently the Managing Coach of the Freeport Junior Club (FJC), at the Freeport NY Revolver & Rifle Association. Additionally, he has been involved with firearms much of his life, and is extremely active in the Second Amendment, of the U.S. Bill of Rights, political arena in Nassau County and the State of New York. He is responsible, with the aid of a knowledgeable lawyer, Mr. Robert Firriolo, for changing the face of Field Preemption, for NYS Penal Code 400, in NYS with his case win against Nassau County (Citation: Chwick v. Mulvey, 81 A.D.3d 161, 915 N.Y.S.2d 578 (2nd Dept. 2010)), and was a strong element in the changing of NYS PL 265.20.7e, permitting 14-20 year olds to handle a firearm. At the FJC, Alan, with the help of Mr. Edward Botsch, Coach, and an excellent staff of Range Officers, teach and promote firearm safety and use, plus general competitive shooting and good sportsmanship training to youths aged 5-21.

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Bill Butler

The closest that Obama got to being any kind of “African” was when he let the tax-payers foot the bill for his safari, recently. The term only upsets real Africans” as they do not wish to be down-graded to black-american status. After all they do have their pride and public image to protect.



Only folks who like truth and common sense will appreciate this very well-written article. George’s acquittal serves to prove the utter life saving importance of our self-defense, stand-your-ground, and make-my-day laws. I hope the outcome of this case also serves as a strong warning to all young men whose main goal in life seems to be proving to themselves and others what tough and thoughtless thugs they can be.



The verdict is in. “LIVE WITH IT”


If Zimmerman is a white-hispanic, does that mean Obama is a white-african?