Upgrading the 1911 – With Crimson Trace Options

Crimson Trace Master Series Gun Grips
Crimson Trace Master Series Gun Grips
Crimson Trace
Crimson Trace

Wilsonville, OR – -(Ammoland.com)- There’s no denying that John M. Browning’s masterpiece—the 1911 semi-automatic pistol—is the most popular handgun in America.

The concept of a short recoil handgun originated in the 1890s, and after adoption by the military and seeing years of service, the popular pistol has found favor with shooters and collectors across America.

If you have, or are consider buying a 1911 pistol, Crimson Trace makes many products that can help you customize your handgun. Those 1911-centered products include: Lasergrips, Lightguards and Master Series Lasergrips. The Lasergrips are designed to replace the current grips of standard full-sized and compact versions of the 1911.

So why would you upgrade? The products projecting lasers, like Lasergrips, can help you aim and be more confident with your shooting capabilities. In low light conditions, lasers excel as an aiming aid. The Lightguard, when installed on a 1911, permits better control with both hands on the firearm when shooting while the powerful bright light shines ahead. This eliminates holding a flashlight in one hand and off to the side, a feat that many shooters find impossible to manage while controlling the recoil of a 1911 chambered in .45 ACP. These Crimson Trace products for the 1911 are easy to install in minutes—no gunsmithing required.

When it comes to eye and in-the-hand appeal, the popular Master Series wood and G10 grips add colors and rich wood to the1911 replacement grip options with a projected laser. Interested in Cocobolo or Rosewood grips? Crimson Trace has them. You could also consider installing Lasergrips and a Lightguard on the same handgun—a duo upgrade project.

These products are engineered to provide hours of dependable use thanks to powerful Lithium batteries. Lasergrips will continuously operate for four hours on a set of batteries, and Lightguard will provide two hours of constant output on a set of batteries. After hours of use, and as battery power diminishes, the user will notice the laser begins to fade in intensity. The Lightguard will begin to blink as the batteries decrease in power. There is no sudden cut off that results with being dropped into instant darkness. The batteries for Lasergrips, Master Series and Lightguard are readily available in most stores and are used in common cameras and dog collars.

Crimson Trace 1911 products : http://tinyurl.com/osmz6rr

If you have a 1911, Crimson Trace offers more than a dozen products to help you “upgrade.” Discover the details at www.crimsontrace.com. Crimson Trace’s mission is to enhance people’s ability to protect family, home and country.

Crimson Trace, the acknowledged industry leader for laser sighting systems and tactical lighting for firearms, is based in Wilsonville, Oregon. Its award-winning innovations include Lasergrips and Laserguard and Lightguard – all with Instinctive Activation. Additionally, the company’s product line includes the Defender Series and Rail Master platforms – all are proudly designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA. More details are available at: www.crimsontrace.com or by calling 800-442-2406.

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