James Yeager Wins First Place In K-Var’s Video Contest

Success of Contest Prompting more Competitions Throughout Year.

James Yeager
James Yeager

LAS VEGAS, NV –-(Ammoland.com)- K-VAR Corp. proudly congratulates the five contestants chosen as the winners in the “What’s Your Story” video contest.

Each winner walked away with a gift card from K-VAR with First Place receiving a $500 card, Second Place receiving at $300 card and Third Place receiving a $100 card. The 20 day long competition and YouTube Channel social media campaign was part of K-VAR’s ongoing 20th year in business celebration.

The “What’s Your Story” contest asked participants to pick their favorite K-VAR or Arsenal, Inc. product(s) and tell their favorite story associate with the product through a video. Contestants had little restriction with regard to content, but only had 20 days to shoot, edit and submit the final product. The top winners are as follows:

  • 1st Place – James Yeager | James’ Video (also shown below)
  • 2nd Place – Ashley Smith, Marc Matulis | Ashley’s Video | Marc’s Video
  • 3rd Place – Chad Isaacs, Joe Banda | Chad’s Video | Joe’s Video

In a surprise twist, the final tally of scores revealed at tie between four contestants – 2 for Second Place and 2 for Third. Rather than narrow it down to a single winner for each place, K-VAR’s management decided to award equal prizes to both contestants tied for second and both tied for third. Winners were scored a several factors including overall creativity, enthusiasm and knowledge of products.

The “What’s Your Story,” which served partly as a test run for future contests, has in fact prompted K-VAR to continue in this direction. The company will soon announce its next competition in which videos will be submitted for the chance at prizes.


K-VAR Corp. is an online retailer and manufacturer in the firearms industry dedicated to providing superior service to its customers. Founded in 1993, the company is one of the nation’s largest suppliers of quality firearms, parts and accessories.

All parts are brand new, authentic and factory matched for stamped or milled receivers. In conjunction with the famous Kalashnikov pattern, K-VAR Corp. is able to provide a wide range of semi-automatic rifles, shotguns and pistols, as well as the ability to interchange parts with other Kalashnikov variants to suit customer’s needs. The wide variety of parts offered by K-VAR the most optimum and genuine and include the best in best in Bulgarian AK-47and AK-74 (semi-automatic) style part sets, RPK part sets and military stock sets.

Online, K-VAR Corp can be found at www.k-var.com. The company can be reached by phone at (702) 364-8880 or by email at [email protected] Interact with K-VAR Corp. on various Social Media channels including Facebook at www.facebook.com/k-varcorp, Twitter at www.twitter.com/kvarcorp, Google + at https://plus.google.com/100825262728898322532, LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/company/k-var-corp-, www.instagram.com/kvarcorp, and Pinterest at www.pinterest.com/kvarcorp.

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Nicely done James, nicely done!