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Shooting USA Shotgun Fun
Shooting USA Shotgun Fun
Shooting USA
Shooting USA

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Pro shooter, Jerry Miculek has a new shotgun right out of the box. So how does he break it in? By setting a new record in super-fast shooting! You’ve never seen speed like this. Then, Sergeant Josh Richmond of the Army Marksmanship Unit can’t pick a single target. So the Olympic shotgunner juggles them all at once.

Shooting USA – Shooting USA – IDPA Indoor Nationals

It’s the championship match that kicks off the season of competition, hosted in the Smith & Wesson ranges in Springfield, Massachusetts. For the top ranked competitors, the wins come with calls of “zero down” in very short times. But that’s not what it sounds like when Jim, John, and Mike try the challenging stages of this championship match. Plus, Jerry teaches firearms transitions that can speed your times in 3-Gun competition. More Info…

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