Global Gun Control Up, Up & Away: GRPC Part 4 – Episode #158

Gun Rights Advocates Podcast
Gun Rights Advocates Podcast

South Bend, IN – -( Because not everyone can attend the Gun Rights Policy Conference that is held yearly in a different city around the country.

The host of the Gun Rights Advocates Podcast gets a copy of the audio from Charles Heller and the Second Amendment Foundation and provides the audio to everyone as part of his show on a weekly basis.

The Gun Rights Advocates Podcast has just released part 4 of the audio from GRPC that was recorded in Houston, Texas September 28 & 29th of 2013.

The host Mark Vanderberg started GRA podcast in 2006 to help educate, inspire and motivate future gun rights advocates to help fight the anti-rights groups. In 2008 he wanted to extend the reach through podcasting and created Gun Rights Radio Network to give a voice to other gun rights advocates.

Mark was honored to be asked to be one of the speakers at GRPC 2012 in Orlando Florida. Was asked again to speak in Houston this year.

GRPC audio can be found at Gun Rights Advocates Podcast website.