Video: BOG-POD PSR Shooting Rest Product Review

Quality ****

Reliability ****

Price/Value ****

Referability ***

Average Score- 3.75 stars out of 5

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M3h psrAmmoLand( The BOG-POD Precision Shooting Rest (PSR) allows shooters to have a sturdy rest if they are shooting a crossbow, AR Sty Rifle or even a handgun.  This slick design fits easily onto any BOG-POD tri-pod using the quick change stem.

The PSR has an adjustable riser that can be adjusted from a height of 2 inches to 7 inches. This allows you to easily fit your weapon of choice on the PSR and get a stable platform.  A dual lock system securely holds the riser in place so it won’t slide down when a firearm has been placed on the riser. The riser also has a removable rubber pad to accommodate larger forearms.

The base plate is where the pistol grips of your AR, bottom of a pistol or crossbow will sit to give you more stability and a better rest. The base plate has a rubber mat to keep firearms from slipping.

A handle is on the bottom of the PSR. This allows you to quickly and easily track game. One thing that is not as easy to do with the PSR is make height adjustments. What I usually do is place one leg of the tri-pod in front of me so I can easily grab the leg and pull it towards me or push it our further away from me to adjust the angle of the rest if height adjustments need to be made quickly.

Using the PSR on a BOG-POD gives you a mobile and stable platform for shooting handguns, crossbows and AR style rifles. I was able to harvest a turkey this year in Nebraska using my crossbow on the PSR.

With a suggested retail value of $69.99 the PSR is a bit of an investment and you still have to buy a BOG-POD to use it. The PSR like other BOG-POD products, is well made and will serve you many years in the field.

Quality:  Made from lightweight aluminum the PSR is well made and easy to use.

Reliability:  I have used it hunting and have not had any problems with it yet.  The only minor learning curve is making quick height adjustments.

Price/Value:  At $70 just for the rest its an investment when you also buy a BOG-POD tri-pod.  But like I said, this will be a rest systems that will last you many years in the field or on the range.

Referability:  If you hunt or like to shoot a handgun, crossbow or AR style firearm and need a good rest, make sure to check out the BOG-POD PSR.

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