Video Review: Crimson Trace MVF-515

 m3h mvf 2 AmmoLandQuality *****

Reliability ****

Price/Value ****

Referability ***

Average Score-4 stars out of 5

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( Winner of the 2010 Academy of Excellence Award for “Self Defense Product of the Year”, the Crimson Trace MVF-515 is built for the battlefield or self defense. MVF stands for Modular Vertical Foregrip. The MVF fits on picatinny or similar accessory rails to add a nice forward grip to your favorite AR.  The MVF features the well known Crimson Trace Laser and a bright LED light.

This product is rugged and well made.  The aircraft grade aluminum is lightweight and durable, and the MVF has a durable grip texture finish.  After simply installing the batteries, the MVF easily attaches to your AR’s Picatinny rail.

The laser and light are easily activated by the ambidextrous buttons on either side of the grip. The buttons are activated by putting pressure on them and they are easy to turn on by using your natural grip.  The top activation pad is for the light and the larger bottom activation button is for the laser.

While it is easy to activate the laser and the light using your normal grip, it does get tiring if you have to hold it down for any period of time. Luckily, the MVF has three different modes you can program for both the laser and light.

The Independent/Momentary mode activates when the user presses down and holds down on the activation buttons. The Strobe mode flashes the laser or light when the activation button has been pressed. The third mode, Constant leaves the laser or light on once the activation button has been pressed and shuts off when it’s pressed again.  One nice feature is that the modes can be independently programmed for either the laser or the light.  Both the laser and the light have master switches so you can turn both of them off so they don’t accidently get turned on.

The laser is bright, but if it’s really sunny out it is hard to see past 15 yards or so. The laser is pre sighted in for a point of impact at 25 yards. It’s very easy to adjust the windage and elevation to get it dialed in.

The light is super bright and really lights up a room.

The product is truly modular. If you purchase the MVF 515 with the red laser, you can also just purchase the laser panel of the grip and purchase Crimson Trace’s Green Laser version or Infrared Laser.

Most AR owners may never “need” the MVF 515, but if you are ever thinking about using your AR for self defense it may be a product to buy.  This is a great product for law enforcement or someone wanting an awesome AR accessory. At $479.00 it’s not a cheap product because well….it’s not a cheaply made product.

Quality: It’s a well made product from Crimson Trace, made out of heavy duty materials and functions easily.

Reliability:  I have not had any functional issues, but I have only used it on the range.

Price/Value: Like I said, it’s not cheap but you get what you pay for.

Referability:  If you use your AR for a self or home defense gun, you will want to add this to your set up.

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