Virginia Election Wrapup – The Bad News, Good News, & Wishful Thinking By The Antis

Virginia Citizens Defense League
Virginia Citizens Defense League

Covington VA –-( THE BAD NEWS: Anti-gun Terry McAuliffe-Bloomberg won the governorship by 2.5% over Ken Cuccinelli and anti-gun Ralph Northam won the Lt. Governor race over E.W. Jackson by a more substantial 10.5%.

The Attorney General race is still vacillating between anti-gun Mark Herring and pro-gun Mark Obenshain.  Only 726 votes, out of 2,205,843 cast, separate them as I write this!

Remember me saying it was going to be tight and every pro-gun vote was needed?

I expect that we are going to see pro-gun bills vetoed by McAuliffe-Bloomberg, which is going to make it hard to move our agenda forward.  We probably will also see some anti-gun activism coming out of the Governor’s Mansion.  Finally, there is also the chance that games will be played with state agencies prohibiting guns.

In the event of a tie on a gun bill, we can expect an anti-gun tie-breaking vote from Northam.  Also, the power in the Senate will now switch to the anti-gun Democrat leadership.  BUT, see, “IMPORTANT:  WHAT’S NEXT” below.

The Attorney General’s opinions are supposed to be a good reflection of the law, but I’ve seen Herring really twist things to justify an anti-gun position, so color me skeptical that opinions on guns will be fair and accurate if he’s elected.  I hope I’m wrong – we’ll see.

The bright spot is that gun owners maintained a huge pro-gun majority in the House of Delegates!  That means that anti-gun bills are extremely stoppable if we all do our part when called upon by VCDL to perform some kind of action.

And Obenshain might very well pull off the election for Attorney General.  I have a whole lot more faith in Obenshain than Herring issuing impartial opinions.

Here is an article in the Daily Beast that is trying to say that Virginia’s voters now support gun control based on the election results.

Nice try, but no cigar.

If Virginians want gun control, why did 54% of voters support pro-gun candidates for Governor over McAuliffe-Bloomberg?  Why did they re-elect pro-gun Republicans to a large majority in the House?

Like I said, nice try:

Sometime in the next month or so we will learn who our Attorney General is going to be.  In the meantime Senator Northam’s Senate seat will be up for grabs and if we can get a pro-gun Senator elected, we will have a stronger Senate.  And it is very doable if we do our part.

(If the Republicans run a decent candidate, they could have a 21-19 majority in the Senate and effectively deny the Lt. Governor a vote and, at the same time, keep the anti-gun Democratic leadership out of power.)

The VCDL-PAC chairman, Bob Sadtler, has been on top of wargaming the special elections that will be used to fill the seats of Northam, Herring, and Obenshain, depending on which of them won.

We do NOT want to lose any of the open Senate seats!  Be prepared when the VCDL-PAC is ready to start moving on those special elections.  We must win those seats!

No excuses – mark your calendars now and get that day off from work to come to Richmond and lobby for our gun rights with fellow VCDL members!  Lobby Day is on Monday, January 20, 2014 at 9 AM at the General Assembly Building in Richmond (SE corner of 9th and Broad Streets – across from City Hall).  We will be having a rally at the Bell Tower at 11 AM that day.  This is a huge VCDL event and a fun one.  Don’t’ miss it.

The more members VCDL has, the stronger we are.  So please help us get those all important new members signed up!  And remember, just because you get these alerts doesn’t mean your are an actual member.  Membership is $25 a year and is the best investment you can make to protect your rights.  Also, with the special elections coming up SOON, consider a donation to the VCDL-PAC.

And let me say this:  VCDL is NOT going to back off its agenda based on the statewide election results.  We have lives to protect and we will be working hard to do so.  Be ready for a fight starting in January and stand with us as we continue to move the ball forward and guard that precious jewel known as liberty.

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