Daniel Defense Ad Rejected, but Bloomberg’s Gun Control Spot Ran During 2013 Super Bowl

By AWR Hawkins

Daniel Defense Commercial
Daniel Defense Commercial
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(Ammoland.com)-  As news continues to circulate about the NFL rejecting gun manufacturer Daniel Defense's Super Bowl ad because of the league's ban on firearm-related advertisements, attention is being drawn to the fact that Mayor Bloomberg's Mayors Against Illegal Guns aired a firearm-related ad during the 2013 Super Bowl in a local market (Washington, D.C).

And the details surrounding both advertisements seem quite similar.

For instance, Bloomberg's ad aired regionally rather than nationally. And when Breitbart News spoke with Daniel Defense's Jordan Hunter on December 3rd, he said Daniel Defense was likewise seeking a regional commercial slot for their ad.

According to The New York Times, because Bloomberg's ad was regional instead of national the spot for it cost hundreds of thousands of dollars instead of millions. Daniel Defense had allocated hundreds of thousands for their regional ad as well.

The big difference in the two ads is that Bloomberg's ad actually mentioned guns–the Daniel Defense ad does not. In fact, the Daniel Defense ad does not even show a gun, save for the silhouette of one contained in their logo. Furthermore, Daniel Defense also aired an ad in the Georgia television market during the 2012 Super Bowl without complaints from the NFL.

The Daniel Defense ad focuses on self-reliance, and the responsibility of watching out for one's own family.

Since Breitbart News's November 27th report on the NFL's rejection of the Daniel Defense ad, readers have commented on how shameful it is to see the NFL refuse an ad that highlights self-reliance while embracing numerous commercials that seem to vie each year for the title of “sluttiest” Super Bowl advertisement.

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  • 14 thoughts on “Daniel Defense Ad Rejected, but Bloomberg’s Gun Control Spot Ran During 2013 Super Bowl

    1. What is wrong with the NFL? Are they so anti-american as to reject Daniel Defense’s right to exercise the First Amendment to promote the Second? We can protect the quarterback but we can’t protect our families? This is wrong on so many levels!

    2. i agree.. children movies and no NFL for the rest of this year, next year,…forever??? Like Lewis Grizzard used to say, “it is more fun to watch two mules fight over a turnip”. At least no drugs , guns or illegal steriods are involved. The NFL is a joke I can live without in my home.

    3. Not a problem, Daniels can save a lot of money by not running that ad, the attention the ad has received from the NFL saying NO is priceless.

    4. phil, bloomberg did not run again,
      he can’t, the city council has the terms capped at three max, it was two but bloomberg got them to change it to three terms.

    5. It’s a shame we live in a nation where our own 2nd amendment rights are denied by politicians who swore to defend them.Great Ad. Boycott Super Bowl great idea! If we could get it out there.

    6. Stuff like this makes me rethink my interest in football. I can’t waste my time something tht is anti-gun and anti-American for that matter. Maybe the NFL dosn’t give a dam if I quit watching football but if a lot of us do that their attention may be gotton. They understand the $$$$ if nothing else.

    7. I noticed how they blocked out the Ford logo on the SUV.

      As for the NFL?
      I never watch football anyway, or any other sport.
      They ruined all the bars I used to go to with those darn big screen TVs and blasting TVS and jukeboxes, no one can have a beer and talk anymore.

    8. Write the NFL thru their website and express your displeasure with how they support the first and second Amendments. If they are not careful, the federal government will be running professional sports as well!!

    9. There will be no super Bowl game on our tv this year. It is time to boycotte the NFL and Super Bowl they need to learn a lesson here. we all need to put our money where our hearts are.

    10. More reasons to boycott the NFL and quit attending any games. bloomberg and his cadres are just a bunch of useless libturds and criminals

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