Nazi Survivor’s Warning To America: ‘Keep Your Guns & Buy More Guns’

Katie Worthman
Nazi Survivor, Katie Worthman’s Warning To America: ‘Keep Your Guns & Buy More Guns’

Washington, DC –-( We may well have mentioned about Katie Worthman before but either way – this is something that all need to see and take on board.

Here is an Austrian born lady who survived the Hitler period and has given talks about her experiences, and includes warnings.

A close corollary is to be found within our book offer “Gun Control in the Third Reich”.

The thrust of her experiences is that everything she observed began slowly and seemingly for understandable reasons initially, and yet, over time the noose was tightened until the removal of freedoms became absolute.

We might call this “control by stealth – or the ‘drip-drip-drip’ approach of incrementalism. The message and warning given is one not to be ignored as we see uncomfortable parallels — the lady speaks in a short video clip which it is believed is part of a much longer speech.

Katie Worthman was born in Austria, and lived there for seven years under Hitlers brutal regime, and after world war II, she also lived three years under Soviet communist occupation. Needless to say, but Mrs. Worthman is someone who has an acute awareness of how media distorts things and tyranny comes to power. Mrs. Worthman, not only says that the media was wrong about how Hitler came to power, but she says that “In the beginning, Hitler didn’t look like, or talk like a monster at all. He talked like an American politician.”

She says that the story of Hitler overthrowing governments and people in order to come to power just simply isn’t true, but rather the Austrian people elected Hitler with 98% of the vote at the ballot box. Mrs. Worthman then goes on to say that the Austrian people had guns, but the government began to say that they were dangerous, so they began to implement gun registration. Then she said this was followed by turning in their weapons to the police station in order to cut down on crime, and if citizens didn’t… there would be capital punishment.

Mrs. Worthman says that the dictatorship, “didn’t happen over night, but it took 5 years, gradually, little by little, to escalate to a dictatorship.”

She then goes on to say that, “When the people fear the government, that’s tyranny, but when the government fears the people, that’s liberty.”

As a Nazi survivor, what is her advice to us… “Keep your guns, keep your guns and buy more guns.”

Read, learn and digest carefully:

About Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership:

Jews For The Preservation Of Firearms Ownership

Jews For The Preservation Of Firearms Ownership Mission is to destroy “gun control” and to encourage Americans to understand and defend all of the Bill of Rights for everyone. Those are the twin goals of Wisconsin-based Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO). Founded by Jews and initially aimed at educating the Jewish community about the historical evils that Jews have suffered when they have been disarmed, JPFO has always welcomed persons of all religious beliefs who share a common goal of opposing and reversing victim disarmament policies while advancing liberty for all.

JPFO is a non-profit tax-exempt educational civil rights organization, not a lobby. JPFO’s products and programs reach out to as many segments of the American people as possible, using bold tactics without compromise on fundamental principles. Visit – Copyright JPFO 2011

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Watch um

Those who support Biden and his regime will reap what they sow and it will not be pretty. I have already noticed the store shelves bare of products and food that just a year ago were plentiful


Those who enforce the laws created by Biden and his regime will be shunned.

Ansel Hazen

My father escaped the Nazi’s twice in German occupied Holland. Shunning them won’t make them go away. With SCOTUS appearing to be unwilling to deal with election fraud we have but one choice left. HEED THE WORDS OF THE FOUNDING FATHERS. “where accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while Evils are sufferable , than to right themselves by abolishing the forms they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object,evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty,… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Ansel Hazen

Armed government employees were enforcing Nazi laws to put people on trains and send them to their deaths. That is not what is happening in the U.S. I’ll make a specific recommendation with a scenario to illustrate my suggestion – will you provide a specific scenario for your suggestion? That is, what do you suggest being done as soon as the laws are passed? Here’s mine: Bad LEO comes home – wife is crying. LEO: What’s wrong? Wife: Are you still doing that BS? LEO: What BS? Wife: Arresting people for refusing to follow BS laws. LEO: Just following orders.… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by JSNMGC

Unfortunately not only the ones who support him will be reaping what they’ve sown.


And, yet, the good patriots & Green Mountain Boys of Connecticut stand in line for blocks to be sure and register their weapons by the deadline. ‘Deadline’ may be a term they become more familiar with in the future. But, hey!, it’s for the ‘common good’; we have to make things more ‘fair’ so the criminals are not outgunned! Everybody knows that they are the victims of ‘income inequality’ and the Republicans went home for Christmas leaving people starving.

Our government (and this administration, in particular)has become a vile, despicable affliction on the people.


She’s exactly right. We have lost our republic and now our individual rights are being taken away.

My son I tell you forsoothlie,
No gift is like to libertie,
Then never live in slaverie.

(Taught to William Wallace before he freed Scotland from the English). Guns are our guarantors of freedom.

Everyone needs to read this.


Anyone that cannot see that our Rights are being stripped away right now is Doomed! However you choose to react to this Tyranny is up to you but you should make yourself Right with God because no matter what happens here you surely want your Salvation and Heavenly Home secured!

lance charlson. retired state police

I fear our government today more than I have ever feared anything ever before. I believe they would stop at nothing to promote their anti gun agenda, including orcestrating events like Sandy Hook, the boston marathon bombing, Littleton Col and many more violent situations to convince ignorant and apathetic citizens in this country to their way of thinking. The ammo shortage in this country is government orchestrated! Federal law enforcement is no longer established and used to protect the citizens of this country but rather as a tool of would be dictators to orchestrate lies and schemes to promote their… Read more »


We are witnessing the Nazification of America to Amerika! What will you do? Give up willing and march your children into the gas chambers at the Fema Death Camps or will you be a true AmericanS and fight the “TREASON & TYRANNY”! Many Cowards will give up their families & friends. Many will wear the uniform of the enemy. This happen in Nazi Germany and again in Korea. In the end all traitors and their family members paid the price for their families “TREASON”!

Molon Labe

Wash. DC is giving its citizens 60 days to register their firearms. After that they will come in and confiscate unregistered weapon with a fine of $1000 and up to one year in jail. This is happening right now. New York unsafe law is not too different. In Colorado the third politician to get booted resigned before the vote so the dem governor could appoint another anti-gun pol so the anti-gun laws could not be repealed right now. Magpul just announce where it is moving its operations and headquarters. Big loss in revenue and jobs for CO. Not all news… Read more »


Folks…..we had better wake up. My husband and I just returned from a trip to Europe. We visited Prague….Czech Republic. We had very interesting conversations with tour guides who LIVED through communism. We could not believe what we were hearing! EVERYTHING she had to tell us is now happening here in America. This is how it starts….and if we don’t believe it, our heads are up so far up the patute….well you get my jest! Several things she said keep coming to mind: how the police would burst into their homes at any time…especially middle of the night; how the… Read more »

Richard Taylor, Sr.

Anyone who does not learn from history is doomed to repeat it.

william ziemczk

Another drip is happening. Huffingpost will not allow adverse comments to be posted in their commitary line unless it is pro to their position.
here is another step to another RIGHT being dismantled by the socialist median.


The woman is 100% correct, your rights are slowly chipped away over time and then WHAM you are in for a rude awakening.