Banded Productions,Chad Belding from The Fowl Life & Dead Dog Walkin’ Partner with Benelli USA

Banded Productions,Chad Belding from The Fowl Life & Dead Dog Walkin’ Partner with Benelli USA
Banded Productions,Chad Belding from The Fowl Life & Dead Dog Walkin’ Partner with Benelli USA
The Fowl Life
The Fowl Life

New Berlin, Wis. –-( Waterfowl hunting guru Chad Belding from ‘The Fowl Life, and Dead Dog Walkin’ is proud to announce that Benelli USA will become the title sponsor of The Fowl Life, and shotgun sponsor of Dead Dog Walkin’ for the upcoming seasons.

“The Fowl Life” is a highly entertaining, and educational look at waterfowl hunting.  The cameras roll nonstop to show not only the hunt, but also the trials and tribulations associated with this highly demanding sport!  This reality based show is all about the workingman, and his passion for the outdoors and the desire to share the experiences with the world.

“Dead Dog Walkin” is a different breed of predator hunting show.  From state to state, and stand to stand, we call them in close and share our addiction with you every week!  This show is all about family and friends sharing in the outdoors, all while practicing conservation to ensure good wildlife populations for years to come.

“Chad’s show is genuine. It’s not about the dream hunt, it’s about friends, family, relationships, and the experience of hunting,” said George Thompson, Benelli Product Manager. “He is a pleasure to share a blind with, and we’re pleased to have him on the Benelli team.”

“I am so proud to be with Benelli USA this year!  All of us involved are excited for the changes in the new year, and our team cannot wait to show the world the footage we have captured shooting the Benelli shotguns!” Belding said.

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About Chad Belding:  Chad Belding’s success started with his reality hunting show called ‘The Fowl Life with Chad Belding’ which launched on Sportsman Channel and WILD TV in 2008, and airs in more than 40 million homes in North America.  Fans across the nation have watched as Belding and his crew hunt in more than 15 states across the U.S., incorporating a local guest in each location who offers advice on their local hunting ground and participates in the hunt.  Now approaching season five, ‘The Fowl Life with Chad Belding’ is a must-see reality series for hunters across the nation.  Belding also has a show focused on predator hunts and wildlife conservation called ‘Dead Dog Walkin’ which will begin airing season 4 on the Sportsman Channel and WILD TV in January of 2014.


About Banded Nation:  Launched in January 2011, Banded Nation is comprised of hunters, editors, graphic designers, producers, videographers, and on-camera personalities dedicated to bringing a new approach to outdoor television and outdoor style.  Banded Nation was founded by renowned outdoor hunting show host Chad Belding and acts as the parent company to a wide variety of properties including Sportsman Channel and WILD TV’s award winning national television series ‘The Fowl Life with Chad Belding,’ Dead Dog Walkin’, Banded, Banded Fusion, Banded University, Banded Hunts, and Banded Gear.  Visit for more information

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Tom Smith

I’ve already sold all my benelli’s. Had to find some dumb asses that hadn’t heard about Choad Beldung being associated with them… Horrible guy to be in business with Benelli, I know first hand!

Stuart Swanson

Awful move by Benelli. Maybe they can start making the SBE with a standard ‘mojo’ sticker on the butt and possibly a ‘cut em’ sticker on the barrel?


Benelli- WHY??? The sport of duck hunting is being dumbed down by kids like this! I own 2 SBE’s not for long. What next- acid rock and mosh pit! Just hire the Insane Clown Posse.. Give me a break.

deez nuts

Tom Knapp probably is throwing up at the moment, but it would be from vodka and not because of these d bags. F u Belding and Benelli.

benny gordon

Benelli has REALLY stooped low on this move. To endorsed such a douchbag is going to hurt them. Choad Belding is the worst embassador this great sport could possibly have. I only own 1 Benelli, but not for long. I will now go out of my way to tell people NOT to buy any Benelli`s as long as this tool is endorsing them. Tom Knapp is throwing up in heaven right now. BIG mistake Benelli!!!!


This is really a slap in the face to all real hunters. Putting my SBE away and bringing out my 870 for the next season. These guys are a joke!

Dick Goesinya

I will never buy a product that Chad Belding endorses.
The guy is not right in the head.
He is pretty hot though !
Benelli really messed up with this move and it will likely hurt sales .
Banded Gear is a complete joke…… people really buy that garbage ?


havent yall figured out that everyone thinks the Fowl Life, along with Flyway Highway, and all the other hardcore hoodie wearin douchebags are a complete turn off to the veterans in our sport. The more douchebaggery yall sponsor equates into lost sales.