Ghosts of California’s Future

New fear-mongering from the Left Coast
By Jeff Knox

Kevin de Leon Full Retard
Kevin de Leon Full Retard

Manassas, VA –-( In a recent press conference, California State Senator Kevin de León (D-LA), championed a new term intended to scare people into accepting more restrictions on their fundamental rights, and in the process he claimed his place as king of the gun control mountain of ignorance.

Misunderstanding and irrational fear has always been at the heart of efforts to impose gun control schemes on the American people.  Over the years the hoplophobes and control freaks have launched fear campaign after fear campaign revolving around invented terms like “Saturday Night Special” (a racially motivated description of guns poor people can afford), “Cop-Killer Bullets” (which even today have never been used to kill a cop by piercing body armor), and “Assault Weapons” (which are simply semi-auto firearms that share cosmetic features with military guns).

Along with the clever catch-phrases, have come a raft of idiotic statements demonstrating that gun control extremists are totally clueless about the items they want to redesign through legislation.  At the top of that heap has been Representative Diana DeGette (D-CO) who “has been working on a high capacity assault magazine ban for years” and her insistence that once her ban is implemented, crime will go down because shooters will eventually use them all up… Obviously, her years of work on a ban never turned up the fact that a magazine is just a box with a spring in it, similar to a PEZ candy dispenser, and that, like a PEZ dispenser, magazines can be reloaded countless times.

Then there was perennial gun control looney, Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY) who, when pressed about features that were the basis of her “assault weapon” ban proposal, had no idea that a “barrel shroud” is exactly what the name suggests, a piece of metal, wood, or plastic that shrouds, or covers, the barrel.  The purpose is to protect the shooters hand from being burned by the hot barrel.  McCarthy’s weak guess was, “the shoulder thingy that goes up…”  The video of that bit of brilliance is priceless.

But now, Representatives McCarthy and DeGette must bow down before the new champion of gun-babble ignorance, State Senator de León.  In a televised press conference he single-handedly brought the term “Ghost Guns” into national notoriety, and simultaneously crowned himself King of the gun control court jesters.

In the press conference, Sen. de León defined “Ghost Guns” as homemade guns that have no serial numbers and, therefore, cannot be traced back through the manufacturer to their original purchasers.  He particularly pointed at partially machined AR receivers known as “80% lowers” which are sold as do-it-yourself projects for home gunsmiths, and the potential for guns made on high-tech 3D printers, which he erroneously claims are undetectable by airport screening devices.

But Sen. de León sealed his place in the Anti-Rights Hall of Ignorance, when he held up an illegally manufactured, illegally configured, and illegally possessed AR15-style rifle and declared; “This is a ghost gun.  This right here has the ability, with a 30 caliber clip, to disperse with 30 bullets within half a second.”  He then reiterated, to make the point, “Thirty magazine clip in half a second.”

The YouTube video of that statement received over a million hits in just a few days.  It is just so ridiculously wrong that anyone with the slightest knowledge about guns finds it totally hilarious, and is guaranteed to keep gun owners laughing for years to come.  Not only does it display unbelievable ignorance, but the statement was delivered with such seriousness and importance, that it’s hard to believe that it wasn’t a parody.  Add in the faces of the police officials being used as a backdrop to the senator’s press conference, and their studious efforts to maintain poker-faces while their political master spouts blathering nonsense, and the whole effect is absolutely priceless.

For the record, .30 caliber refers to bullet diameter, not magazine capacity, and the correct term for a spring-loaded, ammunition feeding device is a magazine, not a clip, but the assertion that this “ghost gun” could “disperse with 30 bullets within half a second,” and then repeat the claim for emphasis as a “Thirty magazine clip in half a second…”  I don’t care who you are, that’s just funny.

As a Small Arms Repairman under a government contract, I’ve inspected and repaired thousands of M16s and M4s, along with hundreds of various military machineguns , and I can assure you that there is nothing in the Army’s inventory short of the M134 Dillon Aero electric Gatling gun that can come close to a rate of fire of 30 rounds per second, much less 30-rounds in half a second.

But much worse than the idiotic misstatements about the dangers of “ghost guns,” is Sen. de León solution to the imaginary problem.  He contends that street gangs, drug cartels, and crazy people are increasingly using homemade “ghost guns” to advance their criminal schemes, and his solution is to require that anyone who makes a gun must register it with the California Department of Justice.

So to keep criminals and crazy people from killing people with untraceable guns, de León would require the criminals and crazy people to first register those guns…  Brilliant!  No need for a parody – Senator De León is a parody of himself.

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Too bad Rep McCarthy still blames the gun for the death of her husband and the wounding of her son on that LIRR commuter train that day.

I guess she ignores the fact that the mass murderer Colin Fergueson was not a US Citizen, had traveled from California to NY City with a Ruger 9mm P89 with 15 round magazines.

If her husband, son or any other law abiding citizen on that train was allowed to carry concealed, they could have stopped that attacker dead, he was jumped during reloading and prosecuted.


Well it looks like Calif. has a new court jester and his name is De León, where does this guy get his info from. There is no gun that you have at home that can fire 30 rounds in half a second that is just plain stupid on his part. Leave it to the anti gunners to try to fool the people into think they know whats best for them. these idiots need to get out of office soon and seek help.