News Sources Want the NY SAFE Act Supporter Dewayne Ferguson’s Handgun Matter to Go Away

Dewayne Ferguson
News Sources Want the NY SAFE Act Supporter Dewayne Ferguson’s Handgun Matter to Go Away
The Arbalest Quarrel
The Arbalest Quarrel

New York –-( The “Arbalest Quarrel” Won’t Let That Happen. New York, N.Y. (February 24, 2014) The Mainstream News Media has ignored the Ferguson story from the get-go.

Local news sources that broke the story, quickly and quietly dropped it.

Why? Did local news sources drop the story because it is simply “old news?” Or, were they urged to drop it? If so, by whom? And why did the MSM fail to carry the story? Did it fail to do so because the story was perceived as uninteresting? Or did the MSM fail to carry the story because the Ferguson incident made politicians like Cuomo and lawmakers who drafted NYSAFE uncomfortable?

The story is not over; not by a long shot. The legal case against Ferguson is just beginning. The “Arbalest Quarrel” touches upon the issue of selective news coverage and argues that the Ferguson story must be resurrected for three critical reasons.

First, the Ferguson story draws important attention to the NYSAFE gun confiscation Act. This is an election year. The supporters of NYSAFE are nervous. Colorado residents ousted two Colorado lawmakers who supported restrictive gun laws in the State. Colorado residents removed Angela Giron of Pueblo and John Morse of Colorado Springs, much to the surprise and chagrin of those lawmakers. Will that happen to lawmakers in New York? Because local news focused attention on the Ferguson story – an unwelcome occurrence – the Public began to focus attention anew on NYSAFE. Governor Cuomo and lawmakers who support NYSAFE don’t want that. They can’t have that because they can’t hide from that. They want to remain in Office. They want to remain in charge. So news sources do their bidding and drop the story, or never carry it.

Second, the Ferguson story demonstrates hypocrisy in politics. Ferguson is an ardent proponent of NYSAFE. NYSAFE is a gun confiscation measure. Ferguson is a proponent of gun confiscation. Yet Ferguson likes to carry a gun. What is good for the goose (Ferguson) is, apparently, not also good for the gander (virtually everyone else). Ferguson argues for policy affecting millions of New York residents but believes such policy should not impact him. Ferguson is a hypocrite. Hypocrisy should never be condoned much less encouraged in any circumstance. Certainly, those who use the Public forum for their message ought to be truthful. The Public expects that. A free Republic demands that. Are there other hypocrites in New York? Is Cuomo a hypocrite? He certainly would not want New Yorkers to think so. New Yorkers may have their doubts. New Yorkers may be focusing a newly critical eye on the Governor and on New York lawmakers in this election cycle precisely because the Ferguson story broke. What Cuomo says will draw comparisons to what he does. What New York lawmakers say and what they do will also be watched closely. They do not wish for such critical scrutiny by the Public.

Third, what befalls Ferguson tells us how NYSAFE is enforced. Knowingly carrying a weapon into a school is a felony under NYSAFE. Prosecutors have brought charges against Ferguson in City Court for carrying a loaded gun into an elementary school. Ferguson has pleaded not guilty to the two gun charges filed against him. How will this case proceed? Will it settle or go to trial? If the case settles, how will it settle? If the case goes to trial and Ferguson is found guilty, what will Ferguson’s punishment be under the laws of New York? Shall the Public infer the laws comprising NYSAFE are selectively enforced? The Ferguson story – now the Ferguson case – is just starting. The “Arbalest Quarrel” would like to know how this case plays out. The MSM would rather you didn’t know. But you have a right to know. And you must know. The “Arbalest Quarrel” will make sure you do.

See our recent post. We discuss the implications of the Ferguson matter in depth. Click on the link: As always, we value your comments.

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This man needs to be stripped of his right to carry,jailtime. OR is it “he is one of us” and WE do not get the same penalty as a regular person who did the same thing. WE are the elite and WE want YOUR guns,but WE can keep ours.

VT Patriot

Poor guy, forgot he was carrying a loaded weapon into a gun free school zone. Y’know, could happen to anyone.
If he’s such an ardent anti, he should be aware at all times that he is carrying a weapon. If not, he should not be allowed to carry at all. So, now that he’s commited a felony according to NYSAFE, he should be stripped of his right to carry.