Good Morning to New York’s 1 Million New Illegal Gun Owners

By Fredy Riehl

I Will Not Comply New York
Good Morning to New York's 1 Million New Illegal Gun Owners
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Albany, NY –-( Governor Cuomo awoke this morning to a massive problem, one million plus new felons, all armed with scary, high capacity, assault weapons!

The deadline for New York residents to register their so called “Assault Weapons” and “High” (read standard) Capacity Magazines came and went.

An estimated million plus, formerly law abiding, gun owners have refused to comply with Cuomo and down state Democrat's naive belief that the NY Safe Act, passed in a so called emergency session of the New York legislature, could force free people to register their hard earned property.

The New York Safe act, passed without public comment in the dead of the night, was a direct attack on law abiding, tax paying, owners of legal guns.  Now, New York Democrats have no idea on how the state will resolve this problem as they have neither the resources or in many case the backing of law enforcement to round up this massive group of dissenters.

The implementation of the SAFE Act to date has been plagued with problems. Legal confusion, lawsuits and dozens of county legislatures across New York adopting resolutions condemning the SAFE Act. Many sheriffs have gone on record in opposition to the law, saying they refuse to enforce it.  State police have been very quiet while at the same time quick to adopt court rulings knocking down parts of the law.

Neighboring Connecticut state, with a million plus felons of their own from a similar half baked law, have the same issue with no comprehensive plan on how to resolve this case of mass civil disobedience.

And who can blame these once lawful gun owners, with a president that picks and chooses which laws he will follow or enforce, as well as an Federal Attorney General that operates daily with a Contempt of Congress charge and gun running scandal, “Fast & Furious”, hanging over his head.  Why should the average New York joe, bother to follow the law, especially when it is in direct conflict with the Constitution of the United States, the one true law of the land.

Good morning New York and good morning USA to the new reality of living without the rule of law.

Molon Labe America!

Come and Take Them
Come and Take Them
  • 34 thoughts on “Good Morning to New York’s 1 Million New Illegal Gun Owners

    1. Brothers and Sisters of the Constitution, remember this, you are legally in possession of firearms. The Constitution does not restrict your rights to possess firearms, but rather defends your rights under the 2nd Amendment. All laws and Executive Orders are unConstitutional and American must not comply with unConstitutional laws.

      God bless you for standing up for your God-given rights. Long live the Republic. It is time that law abiding citizens demand that our government servants support and defend the Constitution and our rights, regardless of the attempts by progressive, socialist, communist tyrants who want to take our rights away.. If our politicians, courts, religious leaders and fellow citizens will not defend our rights, we the Liberty Movement will do it on our own. Others can join us as they realize the damage to our liberties; however, with or without others, we will stand and support and defend the Constitution.

      God bless you. Long live the Republic. Be Not Afraid! We must and we will win the war against the Constitution and our American way of life. Peace, Peter ~

    2. All of those conscientious objectors to illegal state gun laws ARE within the law: It’s called the Constitution. It precedes ALL other laws, and the fact that we have a Supreme Court (whether or not they uphold that law in their rulings)is an implicit admission built into gov’t balance of power`that the Constitution is the filter through which all other laws are determined legitimate, or not.
      Those taking public funds to uphold the laws of the land that do not do so MUST be not only fired but prosecuted as well.

    3. In light of the fact of the recent stab killings in Pittsburg and Calgary,I will assume that the liberals will now want to ban knives.I can see it now ” Bloomberg wants to label all knives including but not limited to steak and french chef as assault knives and anyone including housewives who possess them will heretofore be considered felons.”

    4. The majority of gunowners in CA didn’t protest the ASSault weapons ban in CA in 2000. Next, there were bans on handguns that didn’t pass CA test requirements. Now, all semiauto handguns are banned from sale in CA because they aren’t “smartguns”. CA cities are banning ammo sales. Hey dudes, wake your arses up.

    5. About the only way to find out who owns these “illegal” guns will be to enlist “neighbors” to rat out their friends. THIS is how alot of this was done under the Nazis. I hope everyone “knows” their neighbors. Just remember OPSEC…”Naw…I can’t go hunting this weekend…got rid of all my “illegal” guns yesterday.”

    6. This article is poorly written at best – high capacity mags are outlawed not mandated to be registered, CT has probably 300,000 non-registrants at most, the “so called” emergency session of the legislature was actually an emergency session – this calls the other factoids and the indignation in this article into question … If you want to write pro-gun news at least don’t make us look like idiots

    7. From CT. It’s good to see our patriot neighbors telling their Gov to screw off also. How about a Million Unregistered Assault Weapon Owner March? Now that would be fun.

    8. They will start slowly, perhaps watching the ranges that can host rifle matches.

      Pull people over at a DUI DWI checkpoint,
      oh, is that an AR you got in that case?

      Once they round up 100 or so law abiding citizens and put them on trial, force them to deplete their savings to pay for legal representation, the rest will follow the illegal orders of Gov Cuomo.

    9. To all those who moved to a state that is less onerous than NY, Conn., CA, etc., and feel somewhat smug…………don’t get complacent!
      NY and Conn. were and still are home to many firearm manufacturers. CA was once upon a time not too long ago rather gun-friendly.
      Pick up some old issues of American Rifleman from the 50’s and 60’s and read the legislative reports. It wasn’t that much different than today. So if you live in a gun friendly state don’t relax and think you have it made. Obama’s new budget allows for funding to comply with an intended executive order to implement gun registration and worse. Freedom never sleeps. It’s only available to the vigilant.

    10. It will be interesting to see what the commie bastards will do about 1 million new felons. Do they have enough jails I think not. Do they have the backbone to round up 1 million people. Like every where else it is tried Communism fails and hopefully the good guys( gun owners ) will win out

    11. When the SHTF finally, Komrad Cuomo will be greeted by more than just the million felons in New York. I am sure he will need to find a way to deal with a few more patriots who will join their NY brothers.

    12. As in other states and just as here in Arizona there are a great number of undocumented people, now in New York you have Undocumented Firearms. That is not against the law! My hat is off to the fine American’s living in New York making a stand…telling the Liberal’s to go piss up a rope!

    13. Over 45 years ago the deceitful odious vile damnable “LBJ/KGB” 1968 Federal Gun Control Act was signed into oppressive federal legislation via Lyndon B. Johnson: the worst president in American history! Too bad there wasn’t nationwide civil disobedience and resistance to LBJ’S corrupt tyranny, including then the Earl Warren Supreme Court and his nine justices of treason!

      All deserved to be impeached, charged, and permanently removed from high office and disgraced! In fact, following the signing of GCA ’68 LBJ’s deceitful crooked socialist U.S. Senator who fabricated GCA’ 68: Thomas Dodd (D) of Connecticut, was eventually censored by his own colleagues. He was charged with graft, corruption, etc. Yet to date the establishment news media, academia: the socialist public schools, colleges, and universities, and their treasonous ilk keep this concealed, covered up, and hidden from the American public! The public T.V. networks, PBS for instance, remains complicit in this!

      Also, this likewise includes Lyndon B. Johnson’s leading role in the November 22, 1963 assassination of John F. Kennedy in Dalls, Texas.

      This occurred on my 7th birthday. My generation was negatively impacted by this for decades! To learn more about LBJ’s role in JFK’s assassination simply Google “Barr McClellan.” Also, “Madeline Brown” who was Johnson’s secret mistress. JPFO, Inc. at and The John Birch Society at http://www.jbs. org both uncover and expose that which has been hidden, concealed, and kept silent via these deceitful crooks and socialists in Washington, D.C. Also, the United Nations, Wall Street, the establishment news media, etc.

      It’s long overdue this be revealed to the American public via honest credible sources I have just alluded to.

    14. Let us not forget that their next move, (if in fact not already being implemented) will be to cause ammunition for these type of firearms to become very scarce, to completely non-existent, considered contraband to be in possession of, and probably components for the same as well. This is mental gymnastics at its finest here folks. You can have all the firearms you want, you just won’t be able to use them for much of anything other than a wall-hanger decoration!

    15. This is a case of life imitating art. Years ago Kurt Russell starred in a movie that portrayed New York as a penal colony. The movie was appropriately titled “Escape from New York”. Today that’s good advice!

    16. Screw you, Andy. I regret that I can’t move to New York just to violate your edict. However, I have, in the past, traveled through the Empire State heavily armed, and giggle with pleasure knowing that there’s not ONE DAMNED THING you can do about it.

    17. I have decided that I will no longer call a weapon on the list of forbidden “assault weapons” an illegal weapon. It is not an illegal weapon, it’s just an “undocumented weapon”. Now that over a million citizens in my home state of NY are criminals let’s see what Andy’s next move will be.

    18. Maybe the population will remember that it is the democrats who are lying and who hold the constitution in contempt when it is time to vote. Of course, you can’t vote if you aren’t registered – unless you are a democrat.

    19. My thinking is that they’ll take the slow approach of starting with selected prosecutions of people they accidentally discover owning weapons they don’t like. By the time 10 years go by they’ll have broken down resistance. They’ll have new cops in place, people will tire &/or be intimidated into compliance. Whatever strategy NY gun owners use to fight this be sure to think long term. Time is on they tyrant’s side.

      I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that the root of the problem is people’s willingness to be taxed. If we eliminate taxation we eliminate the problem of the govt having LEOs to inflict their oppression on us with. Law enforcement has become the standing army many Founders warned us not to have.

    20. These million plus are still law abiding gun owners!! Any citizen in this country can be made a criminal by enacting these illegal un-Constitutional laws!! This is the tyranny our founders foresaw and is why they gave us The Second Amendment, the peoples right, not any governments!! Hold the line!!

    21. This form of Gun Owner Civil Disobedience is occurring all over the US. Not only do we have NYers not complying with Herr Cuomo’s edict and CT gun owners refusing to line up and register their magazines & rifles, there are lots of gun owners in May Issue States that have reached their breaking point. In Sunnyvale, CA gun owners have refused to hand in their “high capacity” magazines. New Yorkers have been burning registration forms in BBQ grills. Soon, NJ gun owners will have a chance to ignore another arbitrary magazine limit bill. It’s about freaking time we gun owners in places like this said ENOUGH, NO MORE! Their restrictive laws are unconstitutional, but more importantly, they are arbitrary and stupid and do absolutely nothing to make anyone safer and it’s time to say No More! Bravo to each and every one of you Conscientious Lawbreakers. I’ll be joining you as soon as the NJ Senate signs off on this latest round of 57 new NJ gun laws.

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