Lasting Reflections – Update from Karen Butler, Founder of Shoot Like A Girl

By Karen Butler, President and Founder of Shoot Like A Girl

Shoot Like A Girl
Shoot Like A Girl

Danville, Alabama – -(  Shoot Like A Girl has had an extremely fulfilling couple of months!

We have introduced and reacquainted many, many women to the shooting sports.

In the four months, since the launch of our trailer over 1,000 women have shot with Shoot Like a Girl! I am so proud of that accomplishment, and the results, but most rewarding for me, are the intangibles of the experiences and joy of our clients and their families and friends.

The lives we touch, families we bond together with shooting sports, and the relationships we build are what makes Shoot Like a Girl, feel more like a calling than a business.

An example is a couple that visited our booth in Kentucky. They are engaged to be married, and the young man is an avid bow hunter and shooter. His fiancé thought she couldn’t pull a bow back…yes, she had previously tried too heavy of a bow. She so wanted to be able to shoot with him, and it was obvious, that this was on his list too. In honesty, I’m not sure who was most excited when she easily pulled back a bow set to 36lbs, and executed a safe shot! The smiles, hugs and high fives were electric.

In five minutes time, we gave this family an introduction to a sport that they can enjoy for the rest of their lives.

Another example that comes to mind was of a non-gun shooter, whose family were shooters. I’m not exaggerating when I say, this client did NOT want to shoot. She was adamant, shooting was not for her, and something she NEVER wanted to do! Her family of course was laying it on really thick for her to try, and our instructors were on point.

At Shoot Like A Girl, we never force anyone to shoot, it is a choice for everyone, but we do encourage.

Our instructor said, well since you have handguns in your home, why don’t you at least let me run you through the instruction. She agreed, and got to the part where our instructor normally hands the gun to the client. Well, our instructor said, “why not fire one shot, just so you know how it feels”. Feeling safe and confident in the instruction that she had just received, she agreed. Well, tens shots later, and smiles all around, we had a new shooter! These moments are treasured memories.

I can’t thank our Corporate Partners enough for their support of Shoot Like A Girl. Please take time to thank and support them, especially if you and your family have benefited from our program. Without them, we would not have the means to keep growing the number of women in shooting sports by empowering them with confidence that they can!

Our corporate partners are: Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Hunter Safety System, Ammo To Go, Bear Archery, BowTech, Charter Arms, Colt, Crimson Trace, Danner, Game Plan Gear, GLOCK, Inc, Hogue, Hoyt, Hunt Force, Elite, Lethal, Lumenok, Neet Archery Products, Mammoth Coolers, Mathews Inc, Mossy Oak, Powder Hook, POV Action Cameras, ScentBlocker/Tree Spider, Smith and Wesson, Sonic Boom Targets, Stedi-Stock, Taurus, ThermaCell, Trijicon, Triple Crown Outdoors, Trophy Hunting Products, TRUGLO, PSE and ASA. And thanks to all of you for believing in Shoot Like A Girl!

About Shoot Like A Girl
Shoot Like A Girl (SLG², Inc) is a company dedicated to growing the number of women who participate in shooting sports by empowering them to particpate with confidence! Visit for more information.