Motorola Bluetooth Enabled Talkabout MU350R Radio, PPT Button, & Headset Review

Just In Time for the Fall Hunting Season, Motorola Solutions Offers Hunters Wireless Hands-Free Communication

By Justin Stakes

The Ultimate Hands-Free Communication Set-Up
The Ultimate Hands-Free Communication Set-Up
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AmmoLand Gun News

United States -( Motorola Solutions has continuously produced new and exciting products for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy for years to come.

With fall hunting seasons opening across the nation, Motorola Solutions has unveiled its latest in communication technology designed for hunters and outdoor enthusiast’s alike.

I recently had the chance to test and review Motorola’s latest recreational Talkabout two-way radio, PTT Pod, and Bluetooth headphones.

While I’ve always been skeptical of the constant claims made by companies about the range capabilities of their consumer radios; usually they tend to work on flat environments and that’s about it. Motorola’s new MU350R features a Power Boost button that enhances the overall range and it worked extremely well. Other unique and beneficial features that I found to be quite useful were the iVOX (hand free operation capabilities without accessories by use of your voice), Emergency Alert button, and NOAA Weather Radio.

Motorola Talkabout MU350R Two-Way Radios
Motorola Talkabout MU350R Two-Way Radios

The all-new Motorola Talkabout MU350R ( )  two-way radios were designed with hunters in mind, allowing them to communicate wirelessly and hands-free without having to worry about the bother and nuisance of bulky cords constantly coupling together.

The MU350R two-way radios can be paired with a Bluetooth compatible headset as well as a wireless Bluetooth PTT button for a hands-free setup.

The Mu350R’s iVOX feature is speech activated, acting as a speakerphone and allowing for hands-free communication to keep you moving without the use of a headset. The radios feature an integrated LED light for emergency situations, 7 NOAA channels, constant weather updates that have been correct nearly every time I’ve used the feature, and 22 channels with 121 privacy codes each.

Motorola Talkabout PTT Pod
Motorola Talkabout PTT Pod

Motorola Solutions has also revealed its 1693 Bluetooth PTT button (push-to-talk button), offering hunters the ability to communicate effortlessly and effectively while staying focused on their game when combined with the Bluetooth enabled Talkabout MU350R two-way radios. The 1693 Bluetooth PTT button ( )  comes in an oversized casing for easy rotation in any direction as well as simple clipping on a vest and even discreet placement into a pocket. It connects wirelessly to the MU350R radio and headset allowing hunters to communicate with one another without disturbing game. Providing superior flexibility and unparalleled communication, Motorola’s 1693 Bluetooth PTT button can be rotated in any direction, then discreetly placed in the appropriate location of your choice.

Bluetooth enabled headphones are not for everyone, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that there isn’t a decent selection of high quality Bluetooth headphones available. Simply known as “Buds,” Motorola has created a unique headband ensemble paired with magnetized earbuds at the end. Rather than left dangling down and around your neck, the tips of the neckband are magnetized to hold the earbuds in place when not in use. The Motorola Wireless Buds ( )  are incredibly comfortable and paired seamlessly with my smartphone, pc, and laptop. Once paired with another device and turned on, the headphones provide you with a greeting in addition to a confirmation message that the device has successfully paired. Volume and playback controls are provided on the neckband for simplicity and rapid control. The Buds delivered a good, solid connection for nearly 11 hours with no interruptions or disconnections during my review period. While the headphones are in no means the best in sound quality, the sound was crisp and clear, with a good base. With 3 built-in equalizer presets, users can tinker with the sound to a certain extent.

The Motorola Talkabout MU350R two-way radio features enhanced sound quality as well as enhanced battery life capabilities, making it a powerful communication device for the most serious outdoor and hunting enthusiasts. Hunters can enjoy a superior sound quality and clarity thanks to the “Talkabout Clear” feature which enhances sound quality for clearer transmissions at a higher volumes with the help of a Class D amplifier that reduces any distortion. Making it easier for users to communicate with one another in the field or at camp. Hunters will especially enjoy the “VibraCall” feature which functions as a silent alert system that vibrates as you receive incoming transmissions.

Boasting an optimal range of operation of up to 35 miles in the valley and mountains, the MU350R two-way radios cater to outdoor and recreational use. My tests concluded with 1 mile minimal, up to 1.7 miles with the Power boost in the suburbs. 20 miles, 32 in mountains with power boost. Of course the actual range a user will get will depend on the terrain, weather conditions and obstructions.

Motorola’s MU350R two-way radios were designed with extended battery life capabilities that serious outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate. The doubled battery capacity providing hunters with dual power during comprehensive use when on the move, allowing an easy interchange between power sources while out in the field. Simply place in 3 standard AA batteries and the radios are up and operating again for up to 15 hours.

Additionally, the radios provide the convenience of flexible charging options as they can be charged on a pc or laptop via the mini-USB PC cable, the high-efficiency wall adapter, or with standard AA alkaline batteries. The mini-USB car and PC cable is sold separately. The MU350R’s are even compatible with rechargeable NiMH AA batteries such as the Duracell Duralock rechargeable batteries that were used during my review process.

Motorola Talkabout MU350R Two-Way Radio Key Features:

  • Dual Power – Works with both AA alkaline batteries and NiMH rechargeable batteries. A really useful feature when it comes to hunting in the field or camping in the great outdoors with no power outlets in sight.
  • Dual Watch – Allows the user to simultaneously monitor activities on 2 different channels.
  • Eco Smart Design – Designed to meet CEC standards for low energy consumption. The high-efficiency wall adapter consumes less power during idle conditions (consumes ½ a watt of power while idle).
  • Emergency Alert Button – Allows the user to send out distress signals.
  • Emergency LED Light Source – Use during evening hours or unexpected situations such as power outages.
  • iVOX/VOX – Allows the user hands-free operation with or without the use of accessories.
  • NOAA Weather Radio – Allows the user to receive up-to-date weather reports, keeping them informed of changing weather patterns. Channels provide emergency alerts for everything from amber alerts, emergency evacuations, flash floods, stark thunderstorms, tornadoes, and winter storms. An excellent tool for both recreationalists and hunters alike.
  • Push-to-Talk (PTT) Power Boost – When activated, the PTT Power Boost will extend the overall range of transmissions by increasing the power output.
  • Quiet Talk (QT) – Known as “QT,” Motorola’s Quiet Talk feature allows communication between the MU350R and any other compatible Motorola products while filtring any unwanted interruptions.
  • Talkabout Clear – Motorola’s MU350R series boasts a high-efficiency class D ampliflier that delivers superb sound quality by simply reducing distortion during high levels of volume.
  • VibraCall – When an incoming call may be intrusive, VibraCall acts as a silent vibrating ringer sending out a vibration instead of a ring tone.


Motorola Talkabout MU350R Two-Way Radio Additional Features:

  • Bluetooth Compatible – Allows the user to pair their radio with a compatible Bluetooth headset and other Bluetooth enabled devices.
  • Call Tones – There’s a total of 20 call tones to choose from. Users can customize the call tone heard by the people calling them.
  • DSP Audio – DSP stands for Digital Signal Processing, a technology that helps improve clarity of all transmissions.
  • Extended Life Battery Packs – Designed to withstand hours of sustained use, the MU350R comes packaged with two high-capacity batteries that provide users with nearly double the amount of talk time than average.
  • Hand-Free Communication – Keep your hands free without the use of an accessory. The iVOX feature acts as a speakerphone, allowing hands-free operation for those on the move.
  • Keypad Lock – This unique feature keeps the users overall settings from being inadvertently changed.
  • Low Battery Alert – Reminds you when the batteries are low and need to be recharged or replaced.
  • Scan – The Advanced Priority Scan allows users to scan all channels to see which are currently in use.
  • Talk Confirmation Tone
  • Ultimate Privacy – The Talkabout MU350R has a full 22-frequency capacity (22 individual channels) with 121 privacy codes to reduce any unwanted intermissions. That makes for a total of 2,662 combinations!
  • Weatherproof – With an IP rating of 54, the MU350R series might not be waterproof but it is protected from not only dust, but also wet weather conditions such as snow and rain splashes.


Motorola Wireless Bluetooth Headphone "Buds"
Motorola Wireless Bluetooth Headphone “Buds” :

Motorola Buds Wireless Headphones Key Features:

  • Micro-Adjustable Buds – Motorola’s earbuds are designed to automatically adjust and position themselves as they form to the user’s particular ear profile, and quite comfortably.
  • CrystalTalk – Premium HD sound quality featuring CrystalTalk noise-canceling technology, providing clarity that you can feel.
  • Lightweight & Ergonomic Design – A groundbreaking design, intended to be comfortable and light for hours of enjoyment.

Recently released and now available, the Motorola MU350R two-way radio ( )  has an MSRP of $149.99 per pair. The entire kit includes two MU350R radios, two belt clips, two high-capacity 1300 mAH NiMH rechargeable battery packs, one wall charging adapter, a y-cable charging adapter with dual mini USB connectors, and an emergency preparedness checklist sheet. With its emergency alert feature, built-in LED flashlight and NOAA weather alert channels, the Motorola Talkabout MU350R radios provide a total emergency preparedness communication solution for both hunters and enthusiasts. The Bluetooth “Buds” headset and 1693 Bluetooth PTT button are sold separately.

The Motorola Talkabout Bluetooth “Buds” ( ) has an MSRP of $59.99 and include wireless headphones, 3 sets of ear cushions, a USB charging cable, and a User Guide.

The Motorola Talkabout Bluetooth PTT pod ( )  has an MSRP of $129.99 and includes one PTT pod, a mini-USB charging adapter, and guide.

Article by Justin Stakes
Copyright @ J. Stakes Photography

Justin Stakes is a Freelance Photographer and Journalist dealing with a variety of different subjects that interest and inspire his love for the great outdoors and more. Justin is an avid outdoor enthusiast and geek with a photographic style that is a mixture of photojournalism and fine art. He has won three Photo Show Competitions throughout his education and has even been exhibited in the Wignall Museum of Contemporary Art.

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6 years ago

I would like to know if this bluetooth radio will communicate with other non-bluetooth 2-ways. I live in Canada. Brent.

7 years ago

And what isthe transmit power? What mode does it transmit? AM, FM, SSB?
I Worked for Moto, its a dying company.
They sold off there cellphone business a few years ago.
I still have a friend who is in tech support in Chicago suburbs, he’s worried about his job.
Might as wellbuy a handheld CB.
Sorry, but that’s my 2-cents.