Set-up Invasion at Midnight in Kentucky

Home Invasion Raven Edwards KY
Home Invasion Decoy, Raven Edwards
Dean Weingarten
Dean Weingarten

Arizona – -( I have always thought that answering a door with a gun at hand was a reasonable precaution.

In this recent case in Kentucky, the homeowner was able to reach his firearm, but it was a close thing.

It was a set-up home invasion.   The decoy, Raven Edwards, above, contacted the homeowner, Bill Jolley, on social media and was invited over a bit after midnight.

It is unknown if they knew each other previously; but the addresses are all in Harrison County, KY, and there is only one high school in the County.


After Raven arrived at the house and was admitted, she immediately left.  I suspect that some excuse was given, such as “I left my phone in the car”.


A police report says she told investigators she contacted Jolley “with knowledge that a robbery was going to occur shortly after her arrival at the residence.” The report says she was “the set up person to the robbery.”

When Raven went outside, the home invasion kicked off with her two confederates. All three entered the home, and her associates attacked the homeowner.


According to KSP, Edwards had asked Jolley on social media if she could come to his home.

A short time after she arrived, troopers said she went outside and returned with two other men, Marcus Gross and Larry Nolen.

My question is: How did they expect to get away with the crime as long as Bill Jolley was alive?   Raven contacted him on social media, so there was a clear media trail to her.  How did they expect to deal with that?


Bill Jolley and all the actors in this incident are from Cynthiana, Ky.  It is a small town of 6,400 people.  Rick Grimes of The Walking Dead is Cynthiana‘s most famous fictional citizen.  Bill Jolley did not have a Colt Python like Rick Grimes.  But he did have a .45.  He managed to fight his way to the .45, and fire three shots.   At least one hit Marcus Gross, who had a long criminal history.   His father, Mark Gross, is quoted as saying the Markus was on the path to reform.


Marcus Gross’ father, Mark, spoke with WKYT Monday afternoon. He said his son had made mistakes in the past, but had begun to turn his life around after he got out of prison.

The home invaders fled the scene.  Marcus died.   The third home invader,  Larry Nolen, dropped Markus off at the hospital, then fled.  He is said to have turned himself in several hours later.


Bill Jolley said that a break-in was attempted at his home two weeks before the invasion.  That might have been taken as warning that he was being targeted.   We do not know if the attempted break-in and the home invasion were related.

Home Invasion Victim Bill Jolley. KY
Home Invasion Victim Bill Jolley. KY

Using a decoy to gain entrance for a home invasion is a fairly common practice.  A female is often used, as they are seen as less threatening, and more likely to have success.   Having a gun at hand, especially late at night, in a lonely setting, seems a reasonable precaution.  Jolley’s home appears to be some distance from other dwellings.

Home Invasion House Day Ky
Home Invasion House Day Ky

This invasion could have turned out far differently for Billy Jolley, if he had not been able to reach his .45.

c2014 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice is included. Link to Gun Watch

About Dean Weingarten;

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of constitutional carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and recently retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

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Sounds like that .45 was all the reforming that Marcus needed. Dead men don’t commit anymore crimes and it is too bad he did not kill all involved.


its terrible that this happened, but i guess if we’re gonna get a handle on crime, unfortunately, he did what he had to do. he’s alive and theres one less criminal to harm someone else.


What no mug shot of the other 2 douchebags?
Why not?


Maybe Mr.Jolley should refrain from trying to get some late night young ass and he wouldn’t be risking shit. Half of yall don’t know the whole story you just assume.

Judy Tucker

Drugs are the biggest problem here any corner you go around there’s a deal going down.Not only one should been in a body bag all 3 should have been.Just thank God thee man saved his own life. Raven should have been Mother enough to be home with her children.I remember Marcus setting a third floor apartment buliding on fire and then jumping out the window how damn stupid.

Robert Fowler

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Shame he didn’t get all three.


Guess Marcus definately has reformed now. He won’t be participating in another felony.


The Felony Murder Rule which will see this “cute” piece of bait charged with First Degree Murder is sound policy. She’s too cute to actually be sentenced to death but it is gender bias to lethally inject her accomplices and let her skip. She wanted the reward, she should get the gold ring.


I have little sympathy for a man who would arrange for a stranger to come to his home after midnight. I wonder how the story would sound if the young lady was the victim?


Another case of needing a gun and having one rather than needing a gun and not having one>


being from cynthiana ky this is not surprising as there is such a bad drug problem here now. i suspect the robbery was set up for drug money but that is only speculation on my part.

Mr Gross on the path to reform?? My ass!!! Ms Edwards, in her mug shot was most likely too stoned to know she’s smiling or that could be one of those I’m f__ked smiles.

Mary gross

For you all in Arizona you don’t know sh*t. Yes my nephew Marcus did something wrong and paid for it with his life. But for you to reply to what you don’t know nothing about so reframe on your comments please. Our family is still grieving.

Rich Keagy

Who taught him right from wrong? Nobody.
Would Marcus have killed someone someday?
I don’t grieve for him.


You can grieve. Me, I celebrate the loss of another dirtbag parasite.


I think it is sad that all u people that have something negative to say towards Marcus are very disrespectful, he wasn’t perfect but hell who is, the man has a family that loved him and now is grieving for him so if u don’t have anything nice to say about him just don’t say nothing and at least have some decency and respect for his family not to put him down and say mean things, he did a crime and now he is gone so just leave it at that and let him rest cuz I’m sure whoever u… Read more »


Typical leftist tactic. Attempt to muzzle any one with an opinion different than your own. Not unlike the PC speech police.


Holly, please tell Marcus’ family: “DON’T READ THE COMMENTS of those who were previously Marcus’ potential victims, they aren’t grieved at the predator’s death, like you are.”

Danny Griffin

> the man has a family that loved him

They obviously didn’t love him enough to teach him right from wrong.


This all was a set up between Jolley n raven they planed to hurt Marcus Marcus did change and none of yall have any right or tlk about him u didn’t knw him


Uh, yea, right……Ya might want to cut back on the dope.


another Mensa candidate…or maybe a Dem Election precinct candidate




Marcus on his way to reform. Does his dad nit know that he has been arrested twice for assault since 9/23/2014


As has been said before “Another one bites the Dust”.


yea sad this had to happen but Marcus committed the crime and paid the price. I don’t feel
Sorry and obviously he wasn’t on too much a path to reform if he’s robbing people. Another life lost
But warranted.

William M Durham

What is sad is that there were no 3 bodies for the police to take away. But justice can still be done if the 2 survivors get about 25 years each with no chance of parole


I agree: one armed felon in a gang makes ALL eligible for incoming fire.

Bama Bill

They are both guilty of murder, as their crime led to the death. Life w/o parole should be the sentence. Poor victim will now have to deal with the mess and memories. It bothers me to have to shoot some of the wild dogs around here. Most were “Cute puppies” at one time. When they are grown, the family drives them out to the country where I live, and dump them off. One was a pregnant female, my friend had to shoot her, she was fighting with his dogs for food. Then he had a vets bill for his dogs.… Read more »


Actually that is the law in many states. If a perpertrator is killed by his intended victim, his accomplices can be charged with murder. Ironic, huh.

Chris Rakes

I think that she is smiling in her mug shot is creepy. but any way, thank about how many of the polititions and the MOM gang does not want people to be able to defend themselves

Dr. Strangelove

Cynthiana, huh? I would have guessed Harlan County.


You watch to much Hollywood propaganda.