Capture a Scene Forever with Celestron’s New Smartphone Adapters for Spotting Scopes

Celestron Smartphone Adapter
Celestron Smartphone Adapter

Torrance, CA -( Any outdoorsman who has spent time using a spotting scope has witnessed a scene and thought later, “I sure wish I had photos or video of that!”

Digiscoping, or attaching a digital camera to a spotting scope, has been popular for years. But now, with the advent of high quality spotting scopes like the Celestron Regal M2 ED and smartphones with excellent built-in cameras, long-range video and photography is now easier than ever. There’s no better combination for digiscoping a Celestron Regal M2 ED spotting scope and an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy using Celestron’s custom-fit Smartphone Adapter.

The Celestron Smartphone Adapter’s precise fit is key. Fit to the exact diameter of the Regal M2 eyepiece, the Celestron Smartphone Adapter provides an ultra-tight connection with no play or movement. The result is sharp photos and steady video, even at maximum distances. The adapter ring perfectly aligns the camera lens to Regal M2’s eyepiece, so you can quickly change from viewing to photography without adjusting the adapter each time.

Remove the adapter ring and you can use your smartphone’s camera while it is still in the adapter. That means you can switch between wide shots and sharp close-ups in just seconds. Plus, you can use most of your iPhone’s other functions without removing it from the case.

The Celestron Smartphone Adapter is available for the iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5/5s, and Samsung Galaxy S4, with more smartphone models coming soon. There are other adapters on the market that claim to fit all smartphones and spotting scopes, but they contain moving parts that require manual adjustment, resulting in poor quality or missed photo opportunities. The Celestron Smartphone Adapter fits perfectly over your Regal M2 Zoom Eyepiece.

The Celestron Smartphone Adapter is small and lightweight, easy to carry afield, and simple to use. Hunters who are scouting can come home with images of animals to share with friends. Birdwatchers can inventory species on a birding list with clear, sharp photos they can keep forever.

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About Celestron

Celestron has been an optics industry leader for decades, ever since astronomer and company founder Tom Johnson unveiled the game-changing C8 telescope. Celestron strives to continue his legacy by continually developing exciting products with revolutionary technologies.
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Got the Android app on my tablet, but no telescope.
It is still a compass and a sky chart, just can’t use it in winter, I mean I’m not going out there in the cold.