Crimson Trace Introducing Powerful Green Laser Sight

Crimson Trace's Rail Master CMR-206
Crimson Trace’s Rail Master CMR-206
Crimson Trace
Crimson Trace

Wilsonville, OR -( If you have a firearm equipped with a accessory mounting rail system and have been seeking a laser sight that’s powerful, compact and easy to operate, then the solution for your search is—Crimson Trace’s new Rail Master CMR-206.

This newest product, from America’s leading brand of laser sight systems, features a powerful and bright green laser. The soon to be available CRM-206 is a compact unit that’s designed to fit onto all firearms equipped with standard M1913 Picatinny and Weaver accessory rails.

The powerful Rail Master CMR-206 will also feature tap-on Instant Activation, provide three modes of operation (momentary, strobe and constant on), plus the unit is one of the smallest laser sights on the market—period. The unit can be easily and quickly attached to nearly any firearm’s rails with Crimson Trace’s proprietary Secure Lock Technology. The CMR-206 is also easily adjusted for windage and elevation to match your firearm and ammunition to point of impact.

The sleek contoured design of this newest Rail Master laser sight ensures it will not snag on clothing if installed on a self defense pistol. The Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price of the new CMR-206 with green laser diode is $229. Crimson Trace’s powerful Rail Master and Rail Master Pro laser sights and laser plus light combos are capable of being attached to a wide assortment of handguns and long guns.

The laser sights are easy to activate, or turn off, thanks to the conveniently placed tap on/off tabs. The user can securely place the unit onto the firearm to ensure easy-to-reach and operate positioning based on personal preferences and hand/finger sizes. These small but powerful laser sight units are easy to install and are designed to provide years of carefree service. The necessary batteries and wrenches for the install process are included in the packaging.

Crimson Trace, the shooting sports industry’s recognized leader in laser sighting systems and tactical lights for firearms, manufacturers nearly 200 laser sight systems and tactical lights for firearms. Included in those products are nearly a dozen Rail Master and Rail Master Pro models with green or red lasers, or bright white lights, or combinations of lights and lasers with multiple operating modes. For more than two decades, the Oregon-based company has been setting the standard in laser sight options for firearms—and those seeking to upgrade or equip their concealed carry firearm(s).

Crimson Trace will be located in booth #16731 during the upcoming SHOT Show in Las Vegas and will be featuring the release of the new Condition Crimson campaign.

For more details, visit or call 800-442-2406.

About Crimson Trace

Crimson Trace, the acknowledged industry leader for laser sighting systems and tactical lighting for firearms, is based in Wilsonville, Oregon. Its award-winning innovations include Lasergrips, Laserguard and Lightguard –all with Instinctive Activation . The company’s product line also includes the Defender Series and Rail Master platforms – all are proudly Made in the USA. More details are available at: or by calling 800-442-2406.

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Buy it for <$150 w/ free shipping off EBAY


It’s just to darn expensive ,I rather save up a little more and get a eotech.

Dennis Boerger Sr.

Do you sell any lasers that fit to older model River P95s that do not have accessory rails and attach to the trigger guard

David Lehrer

I have been trying to buy Crimson Trace green laser sights since November . . . They keep pushing back the ‘expected release date’ week after week after week after week . . .

George Davis

Hi, I love the sight. For me it probably make the difference between hitting the target and missing. The only other thing I wanted to mention is the price. For someone on SS $229 is tougher to deal with than when I was working. I guess it’s time to start saving…