Demands For Gun Control After Muslims Attack Paris, Oh Wait There Were NONE

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Demands For Gun Control After Muslims Attack Paris, Oh Wait There Were NONE

PHOENIX, Ariz. -( The lamestream media told you:


There were no demands for gun control after the Paris jihad….?

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

That would be very strange in this country.

American journalists failed to recognize that, unlike the American model, no one in France has called for stricter gun controls, magazine limits or assault-weapon bans after the muslim jihad in Paris this week.

The usual litany of restrictions and gun-ban bills for civilians, which Americans have come to expect in reaction to mass murders here, were never even mentioned throughout Europe.

According to experts, this is partially due to the fact that Europeans by and large already have the bans in place.

It is painfully obvious that the ban on the human and civil right to arms in France did nothing but arm the murderers and leave the dead journalists defenseless when the muslim jihadis came in on foot and attacked. The morbid use of atrocities or the jihad to demand civil-rights denial is a political ploy, not a safety game. It is immoral and deadly.

With any possible first responders at the site of the attack unarmed — even though they had compelling evidence of imminent mortal threats — the muslims could kill at will, as in any pretend gun-free zone perpetrated by politicians. Calls for even greater gun control would be pointless, everyone gets that.

Three police officers who arrived on the scene early on bicycles, unarmed, simply rode quickly away, according to The Guardian newspaper.

The event points out how utterly corrupt such a call to further disarm the French would be. The foolish or dangerous politicians who might propose such things here in America — among the greatest bastions of firearms freedom on Earth — are as dangerous as the murderers we all might face some day.

America is actually ranked only 9th on the scale of gun freedoms.

America is actually ranked only 9th on the scale of gun freedoms, according to The Worldwide Gun Owner's Guide, published by Bloomfield Press. Tiny Liechtenstein, Switzerland and other nations that hardly suffer from such helatious atrocities are ahead of the United States, out of the 64 nations meticulously profiled in the book.

Meanwhile, America awaits official announcement from the White House that this is workplace violence, and that al-Qaeda, whose urgent pleas for lone-wolf attacks have been belittled (but broadcast) by CNN, FOX and the networks non-stop for months, were not linked in any way to the jihad or the Paris murders. So far, the current occupant of the White House has only said that the people involved are “a few.”

The identical 12 seconds of shaky amateur rooftop video footage all the broadcasters have, including cut-ins of a bullet hole, shot windshield, and cops standing around or being shot after they're already dead and blurred out for decency, has been playing at a rate of 510 times an hour. This is quite popular with jihadis and in the muslim world, unidentified experts note. According to officials, this does not encourage copycat behavior.

Public faith in traditional “news” media, according to one undisclosed poll conducted at an undisclosed location, has dropped too low to measure.

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  • 6 thoughts on “Demands For Gun Control After Muslims Attack Paris, Oh Wait There Were NONE

    1. We became Peons when some ignorant fore fathers voted to allow 1 an income tax 2 property tax. We are no better than a sharecropper for local government while paying the Sheriff , big government aka the Fed.
      Pay your property tax or we take your home.
      Pay your income tax or we take your property.
      Retired or jobless we don’t care you have the right to pay us or we take.
      So are you really free in America?
      Keep pushing Socialism in America it can only lead to downfall , one way or another.

    2. American ‘Progressives’ are aggressively pushing for the ‘You’re A Peon’ model of “gun control”. I sure hope the ‘grammar police’ don’t critique my spelling of ‘European’. LOL

    3. If one were to look at how things are going in this country, well it might be just a little shocking, the things In the W/H has said before that people should not have the right to have guns, we can expect that in this round of congress we just might have even more anti gun bills come up, or the dictator just might use his pen and his phone and issue even more executive orders. We have the most anti gun thing in the W/H in history, the fact is the demoncrats will not be happy until THIS country is as disarmed as they are over in Europe. Just watch the anti gunners will soon be coming out of their caves and other places of hiding to try to push for even more restrictions on what is left of our rights. The things on the far left only want the law abiding people disarmed so that the army on the streets will have the weapons. Remember that isis has already said that they are here as well and are just waiting for the word, remember as well how many mazlamz are here, and you don’t know which ones are waiting to come out and start their spree.

    4. Is it fair for Americans to be armed and have maybe an even chance to defend themselves against the bad guys? Of course, that doesn’t fly in Washington, D.C., Maryland and a few other democrat bastions. If only the bad guys have weapons, then it is easy for the uniformed police to find them by following their wounded and dead victims. I say keep the gun free zone signs posted. Also keep the drug free zone signs. Then add jihadist free zone signs and the problem should be solved. Right, Mr. Obama, Joe Biden, Diane Feinstein and the doofuss known as the NYC Mayor!

    5. Only the French wouldn’t ask to repeal gun laws for self protection. Like most of Europe you have the right to be a victim and not kill an intruder in your home.

    6. Gun control, no. But I did however read that a member of the British government called for tighter ammunition restrictions following the attacks.

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