Introducing the Acreage Bullet Catch from Ocken

An Affordable, Durable and Environmentally Friendly Handgun Range

Acreage Bullet Catch
Acreage Bullet Catch
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Omaha, NE -( Ocken Co., is excited to introduce the new Acreage Bullet Catch; created and thoughtfully designed for shooters who want a safe, affordable, durable and environmentally friendly backstop solution for their shooting range needs.

Born out of necessity, Dale Ocken, created the Acreage Bullet Catch for shooters who are tired of moving heavy homemade backstops and seeing the mess homemade backstops become after a day of shooting. After fruitlessly searching the mar ket for an affordable, portable, durable hand gun range, Ocken Co. decided to create the Acreage Bullet Catch.

The Acreage Bullet Catch is an innovative, portable, handgun range that COMPLETELY catches handgun bullets and debris using a patent pending, 1/4″ A656 Steel strike plate and 1/8″ inch steel frame making it ideal for outdoor AND indoor target practice. Assembled, it stands 6′ tall and features a replaceable 2′ x 3′ orange target board. No tools are required for quick assembly, and when disassembled, collapses down to 30″ x 40″ inches with a 5″ depth. It also features a durable, powder-coat finished frame that is rust resistant.

Hundreds of man hours and tens of thousands of rounds were involved in the creation of the Acreage Bullet Catch so that it would be safe, portable, affordable, durable and environmentally friendly. It was developed using computer aided design in a state of the art manufacturing facility in Omaha, Nebraska, and has been tested extensively by shooting professionals. The patented strike plate can handle the abuse of thousands of handgun rounds, yet replacement, if needed, is easy and economical. Every detail was considered so that this would be a range that would provide years of shooting enjoyment while also being environmentally friendly with no more lead damaging vegetation or going down range into an earth berm.

Enjoy shooting at home, more often, and since the Acreage Bullet Catch safely stops the bullet and contains the debris, use it indoors or out. Optional water resistant cover available.

All parts of the Acreage Bullet Catch are made in the USA and are replaceable f or years of use.

About Ocken Co.

Ocken Co. began in 1994 providing high quality innovative products and excellent customer service. Ocken Co. began by providing quality products for both residential homes and commercial buildings. Ocken Co. has also made it’s mark in the non-medical home care field providing DME (durable medical equipment) in hospitals and long term care communities. Ocken Co. is now committed to designing, refining, and marketing the Ocken Brand and the Acreage Bullet Catch. We are also working on similar shooting sports products that we will complete in 2015.

For more information on Ocken Co., call 402.960.1120 or visit us at

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charles beck

what is the availability of your acreage bullet catch and what is the cost with shipping.


where can you buy the rm400 model