New for 2015 – ALPS OutdoorZ Introduces the Traverse X Pack

Alps OutdoorZ Traverse X Pack
Traverse X Pack
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New Haven, MO -( Your hunt depends on having great gear, and having a great pack is no exception.

A lot of companies claim to have the best packs on the market, so to prove to you that the new ALPS OutdoorZ Extreme line will truly provide you with premium packs, we focused on every single feature to bring you perfection at its finest.

Designing and manufacturing a first-class pack takes time, which is why the Extreme line has been in progress for years. The packs have been tested, used and abused, modified, and put back to the test again to bring consumers a pack that is reliable, durable, and practical.

Since every hunting scenario differs between the hunter’s style, environment, and season, ALPS OutdoorZ Extreme has you covered for each and every scenario with features that are not only first-class, but that are so abundant that you won’t be able to find any part of the pack that wasn’t addressed in our extensive development.

The Traverse X has it all: when your hunt begins, and you’re carrying all your gear, there is ample room to bring it all along in the numerous pockets:

  • The two wing pockets are lined with fleece, making them a great spot to keep your spotting scope and other valuable gear.
  • The front organizational pocket is ideal for keeping calls, knives, lights, and other small gadgets easily accessible.
  • The shooting stick and tripod holders are located inside the wing pockets so each piece of your gear can find its home in your pack.
  • In order to be successful on any hunt, you need either your bow or rifle, and the Traverse X has a drop down pocket to securely carry your weapon and allow your hands to stay free to help conquer rugged terrain.
  • The Traverse X is also hydration compatible via the hydration pocket and port.
  • Even though transporting your gear is important, let’s get to the really exciting part: having a successful hunt and hauling away your meat. There is a built-in, stow-away meat shelf that attaches to the front of the pack and securely holds your meat in place.
  • There’s a blaze orange flag that’s attached to the meat shelf so you’re always putting your safety first. There are extension lashing straps included so bulkier loads can still be accommodated.
  • The Traverse X features Hypalon at stress points, which is a paramount material, where you need it most once your pack is loaded down with extreme weight.
  • As any hunter knows, hauling away meat isn’t an easy task, which is why we’ve created the suspension from a molded foam with a Lycra backing, which helps for overall added comfort and durability.

Combine this with the extremely comfortable waist belt and shoulder straps, and you’re fit for success. All hunters also know that they are hard on their gear. Whether trekking through thick and brushy mountainous areas or hiking through wooded regions, it’s inevitable that your pack is going to encounter harsh terrain, but with the tough and rugged ballistic fabric used on the pack, saddle up and hit it hard because the fabric strength is unmatched.

Let the hunt begin: we’ve got your back.

About ALPS OutdoorZ

ALPS OutdoorZ is part of ALPS Brands, which started with ALPS Mountaineering in 1993, with the mission of providing quality, high performance, and affordable gear for backpackers and campers. ALPS Mountaineering designs and markets tents, sleeping bags, air pads, packs, and camp furniture. ALPS OutdoorZ, was started in 2007 when they extended their knowledge gained from designing quality backpacking and camping gear to market and design camouflaged gear for hunters, such as packs, turkey and blind chairs, and sleeping bags. ALPS and ALPS OutdoorZ items are sold and distributed in the best camping, backpacking, and outdoor dealers throughout the entire US and Canada. For more information, please visit